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Help me to choose my Career - Confused after I.Com
07-06-2011, 09:28 PM
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<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by maleekbhai</i>
<br />Hi...
I've done with up to 75%. Now I'm confused what to do.?
I want to do something big and unique like C.A, HND, ACCA and BB.A.
Kindly help me to choose one of these degrees.What would be better for me? And please also describe the benefits and disadvantage specially C.A and HND.Thank you ) waiting for your precious reply )
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Well, your decision would largely be dependent on a number of factors.
1. Time
2. Financial Position
3. Priorities and Goals
4. Market Conditions and Expectations

So a better understanding of your where u are and where u want to be, would get u the answer.


CA It's tough. After your'e done with ABCD you join articles, money starts coming in and your experience grows alongside. By the end of ur 3 yr training u are ready to go into the market. Total 5 years.

ACCA Tough too. Under normal circumstances, no jobs mid way. U complete ACCA and join firm and take experience and in 5 years you in market.

If you wanna stay in pakistan or middle east, go for CA
If you wanna go out, ACCA is better, but with the passage of time, ACCA is loosing it's charm, some would say it already has

BBA No use if u doin from small uni. gotta go to lums IBA. There 4 years BBA then 2 yrs experience then 2 yeras MBA. Take total 8 years. Would cost you close to 1 million maybe.

HND I don't know about that

That was a just a quick general overview, what u choose would be dependent on your circumstances!

Hope it helped!
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