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Post Articles Strategy
02-28-2010, 08:10 AM,
Noman I don't have any post training work experience of more than one week though my articles have been completed for a period of around four months now.

Bogged down as you referred to may well be the case, though never means you can't restart your studies, however, yes for initial some months until you are not comfortable with your job environment there may be a complete hault. You also may have learnt from the experience of your colleagues/seniors as I did, that people seldom in our profession seems to be satisfied with their first job and so often are found complaining about the environment. Some are disturbed by the excessive work load and others due to unclear job responsibility and lack of work. Surely it will affect your study pattern at least for initial month or two.

But in the end their are so many variables and so many things to consider. I second Mr. Kamran's suggestion that this decision is totally personal and no one can better guide anyone more than himself. If I talk about my particular case even my financial situation does not push me to start a job immediately neither I have an opportunity worth missing yet due to the factor I consider that I am already very late I won't wait to start a job on account of the reason of exam preparation. Also, I believe passing exams doesn't have much correlation with it.

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