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a little info about computerized accounting
02-23-2010, 01:30 AM,
Dear june23am

First of all, I wanna congratulate you on your efforts for educating businesses in Bahawalpur about use of computerize accounting software. Its a very good sign that proves MashaAllah Pakistan is developing when people are considering computerization of businesses in cities which are not traditionally leading industrial cities. Again, MashaAllah, a very positive sign...

Dear, software you named would certainly have their strengths, which you might know perhaps better than me. But still, just like many other products, each software has some limitations too, thus, making it un-suitable for certain other type of business, like in GreatKhan's example of WalMart. All 3 software you named are good for small business, and are called small business software. Why they are included in category of "small business software", because they have certain limitations, may not tackle needs of large businesses. So, large businesses use other ERPs or even customized systems.

I give you an example of ICI Pakistan or Honda Pakistan. Can we use any of above 3 software in ICI or Honda. Answer is offcourse not, because they cannot tackle needs of ICI or Honda.

Dear, it is the job of a teacher to teach various functions of a typical software. But it is the job of consultant and analyst to evaluate business needs and suggest available solutions (stand alone software, ERPs, or customization). A teacher and software developer both can be proud of their product, but they lack to see big picture and to see business needs.

Dear, a pain killer can be good for certain fevers, but cannot be cure of each sickness. Ya aasaan lafzon main, aik hi lathi say har janwar ko nahi hanka jasakta.

Mayray bhai, its only my view which is not meant to offence you in any way. Again, I have quite respect of spreading knowledge in your city (and in Pakistan). May Allah give you more success.

Best Wishes and Regards

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