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Graduate Fund Accounting Interview
08-13-2011, 09:49 PM,
Graduate Fund Accounting Interview
Hi All,

I have recently been called for an interview for a Graduate Fund Accounting interview with a medium to large Fund Administration company and would be very grateful of some advice from those working in the area.

I am an ACCA student and have passed/sat the first three professional exams as well as a 2.1 Accountancy Degree. I am confident that I have the right academics and characteristics for the position however my serious lack of experience coupled with recently failing an interview has me worried about making a mess of this interview forthcoming.

I am hopeful that someone could shed some light on the type of questions that could potentially be asked as well as the preparation work I should do.

Would really appreciate any do's and don't's from anybody working in this area as I am really excited about the career prospects on offer.

Thank you to all who assist

08-14-2011, 03:40 PM,

Do you know exactly why you failed your last inteviews and have you overcome the identified weaknesses. In my last 5 interviews i failed one and i know exactly why.

Even the employer knows about your lack of experience through your cv and you still got an interview call, which means you will not face any questions pertaining to the actual field that only an experienced person could answer.

The interviwer would follow the following pattern mostly.

He will start with your personal background, ask you to introduce yourself.
He will ask you about your education.
Why have you chosen this field.
He will test your basic book knowledge, relevant to the job.
You would be expected to have basi cinformation about the company. Like their turnover, where they invest, how old is the company, their profit/loss. Basic public information that an accountancy student should know how to gather.
You could face basic questions related to practical job, the reason of which would be to test your confident and how you handle the situation.
Your body language, posture and confidence level will be scrutinized.
He might even ask you about your hobbies, passion and computer knowledge.

A good interviewer would follow this. I am not sure how things work around in Pakistan. Hopefully its more or less the same.

Hope it helps.
08-14-2011, 03:50 PM,
Research about the company
If you know the exact job title, google it and see the responsibilites and your level of understanding about the same.
practice in the mirror, figure out the situations that you think would trouble you like counter questioning. Some people find it difficult to talk about themselves.
If you think you are good, let them know, dont think its arrogance or over confidence.
Swtich your cell off before interview.
Match your language. If the interview is in English don't speak Urdu and viceversa.
Shake hands on arrival and departure.
Start with "Thank you for having me here"
Take your time after you have been asked a question.
Counter question. Interview is always 2 way and at the end you would be given a chance to ask questions. If you don't, you would be considered a moron quiet literally. Ask about the company, career prospects, job nature, annual appraisals, promotions.

Never say you don't know about something. ALWAYS SPEAK don't go quiet. For e.g. if you are asked that what kind of investment strategy would you follow. Don't go mute. The simplest answer is that i would follow a strategy to invest where i expect maximum returns. You just answered it and said nothing wrong. Not all questions need technical answers specially for no experience entry level jobs.

IF you have been asked to take a test, go for it, don't say you were not expecting it.
Never look away, maintain eye contact.
Speak loud but dont shout.
Don't try to act "cute"

One thing is for sure. You will get the job only if you are better than the rest of the candidates being interviewed. Your state of mind should be not be to give a good interview but how to come out at top of everyone.


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