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I could use a little help when it comes to working
08-20-2011, 05:17 PM,
I could use a little help when it comes to working
Peace and blessings to all !!!

A little of me
1. Currently appearing for P4, P1 this session. Awaiting P2,3's result. I cleared the first 9 pprs in one go. Have targeted June 012 as the Qualifying attempt.
2. Gave B.COM part 1 papers this year.
3. Before CAT, did my Intermediate with an A
4. O levels but not satisfactory grades at all (2 B's, 5 C's, 1 D ) [V]

Now my mood is to atleast start my articles the coming month, but the problem is I have been sending CV's to various firms, Companies but not even one Org has bothered to reply. S

Maybe they don't consider things way before recruitment, or maybe my O level grades. =/

It has slightly disheartened me tbh that only Affiliates are looked at.

I met a KPMG Senior manager last month, he told me the same thing that "only ACCA Affiliates are looked at so there's little which I can do until you complete ACCA."

I totally accept his statement but the problem is I'm 22 atm, next July I'll be 23 and not having any practical exp at the age of 22 is really bothering me, I have to do something about it, have to aim high. ( There's absolute no pressure from my parents, they want me to complete ACCA then start working ).

1. So I need to ask that is it worth working in small firms or the industry ?? ( After looking at my CV ofcourse ) = facepalm.
2. Anyone here with IELTS?


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