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ICAP's Vision & Strategy:
06-02-2003, 06:35 AM,
ICAP's Vision & Strategy:
Probably I don't need to give any comments upon topic. Just open the URL given in the bottom to verify by yourself the actual Vision & Strategy of ICAP. It must also be appreciated very much that current issue of "Pakistan Accountant" which has given review of new website of ICAP mentions nothing about it....
I don't see it as any delay in updating of the webpage, actually I take it as ACTUAL and REAL VISION & STRATEGY OF ICAP. It reads like this
Vision & Strategy
The Sub-Committee is in the process of final deliberations to prepare the Road-map of the ICAP for the next decade in the light of the responses received from all the stakeholders. The Sub-Committee will present its final recommendations to the Task Force by the mid of January 2003. It is expected that the Task Force will be presenting the report in the ensuing Council meeting to be held in the last week of January 2003.

This online reality doesn't require any comments but I can't stop myself saying that "Parrots are never Visionary and Strategists"... how could their flock define any vision or strategy in such a short period????

Edited by - TheOne on Jun 02 2003 014532 AM
06-14-2003, 05:00 AM,
Congratulations guys... ICAP has updated its "Vision & Strategy"... look at url
Now it reads like this
"The Sub-Committee has finalized its report and has presented the same to the Task Force. The Sub-Committee and the Task Force had a joint meeting on 4 April 2003 and had detailed deliberations on various aspects of the report. The Task Force is in the process of finalizing its recommendations and it is expected that these would be presented for adoption at the next Council meeting to be held in the last week of July 2003."

You see!!!!.... that Vision & Strategy which was to be set for "NEXT DECADE"... i.e. 120 months, out of that time 5 months are already gone... by the time it's finalised it would be 6 months...that means our profession at it's peak of efficiency requires 5% "Time Over-Run".... Now please someone tell me... how can someone raise any audit objections upon any "Cost Over-Run" or what they call it "Ghapla"????
We always commit frauds in time... anywhere... everybody can judge it.. Perhaps...time is worthless than "Rupee" to us.... and may be we are the only one Nation which (has been and still) can afford it....

But..please listen my actual opinion!!... don't you think??? (I also think alike) that even if ICAP had formulated any (yet another "Tunnel-Visioned" type of ) Strategy five months back.... they would've been the "Same Old *****" ...


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