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plz guide me
09-02-2004, 11:07 PM
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plz guide me
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hi sumaaan,
i m SHAFIQ. i m in F.Sc.II. i m newly added to u plz guide me. i wan to know that,
1) i m also interested in actuary. as u said that KU has offered 4 years prog. of B.Sc. in acturial science whereas UK & USA offers 6--8 years. why there is so big difference. will the KU offer M.Sc. also so that we shall become equal to UK & USA actuary.
2) will we get the same value in market if we do this from KU, as if we do this from UK & USA.
3) i also 've a ques to junaidpro( bilal has also asked it) that the fee structure of KU is,for
per month , per semester, or per year.
4) will KU take admission on F.Sc. %% basis or on enterance test basis.
5) if they take on enterance test basis so can u suggest me any apptitude test preparation institute for actuary through which i can get enter in KU in this faculty easily .
6) Sumaaan, will u also send me the new edition of actuary handbook as u sent to WAQAS, plzzzzz.....
i'll wait for ur response. plz reply me soon


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09-04-2004, 12:26 AM
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1. First thing first, there is no academic degree programme that would qualify you as an Actuary. In UK too the BSc. programmes are 3 years long. I am not too sure but I would hope the same is true for Canada and USA. I never heard that KU is offering MSc. in Actuarial Science. Remember they have just started their BSc. programme, so I don’t see in near future any hope of them to offer MSc. programme.
To qualify as an Actuary, you need to decide which Society or Institute you want to join and qualify from. Most people from Pakistan tend to decide from Society of Actuaries (US), Casualty Actuarial Society (US), Institute of Actuaries (UK) and Faculty of Actuaries (UK). For more information on these please visit respective websites.


2. As I hope you would have guessed from point number 1 that you can't become an Actuary by simply doing BSc. or MSc. in Actuarial Science so the only reason why people tend to study BSc. or MSc. in Actuarial Science is to get some exemptions from their chosen Actuarial Qualification Provider (AQP), i.e. IOA, SOA, FOA, or CAS. KU undergrad programme doesn't allow you to get any exemption up until now, so realistically speaking there is no 'real' benefit of doing this programme except that that programme may give you some flavour of Actuarial Science Modules from AQP.
The UK and USA programmes do allow you to get some exemptions and if you want to compare on this basis then you have seen that there is no comparison between UK, USA programmes and KU.

3. I think the best advice would be to simply visit KU and get all the info. you want yourself. This would also help you in choosing this university too.
4. Again I think you will get this answer by physically or electronically contacting university.
5. Same answer as above.
6. http//
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09-04-2004, 04:11 AM
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<center>thanks for the co-operation</center>

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