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ICAP Recommended Books for CA-Intermediate
01-15-2005, 09:14 PM
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ICAP Recommended Books for CA-Intermediate
List of recommended reading/reference material of ICAP-
IMPORTANT NOTE These are the total books recommended by ICAP for the thorough study. However, you can choose any of them to read & pass your respective modules....
Reference Material for CA Studies-
*ICAP recommended books.
*Daily class lecture notes & reference material.
*Class assignments & quizzes.
*Papers of your RAET ( term tests question papers ).
*Past papers of ICAP.( PAC,Ishfaq Publishing Co.Lahore,Recommended by ICAP)
*& all other text recommended by your RAET.

CA-Intermediate Eaminations-
C7-Financial Accounting-2 (FAC-2 or FAC)-
*Business Accounting by Frankwood,I,II
*Book-keeping & Accounts ...Spicer & pegler.
*Advanced Accounts by M.C.Shukla & T.S.Grewal.
*Advanced Accounts by William Pickles.
*Principles of Accounting by M.A.Ghani.
*Fundamentals of Accounting by Niswonger & Fess.
*Accounting--Basis for Business Decisions...Meigs & Meigs.
*International Accounting Standards published by IASC.
*Company Accounts & Cash-flow statements by Javi-H-Zuberi.
*Advanced Accounting by R.L.Gupta.
*A.T.Foulks Lynch,Karachi.
*PBP,CA-Study Text.

*Income Tax Ordinance,2001 & Rules,2002. Notifications,Circulars Govt.of Pakistan/S.A.Salaam,8th Edition.
*Practical Taxation by Ikram-ul-Haq.
*Income Tax Law with Practical Problems by Prof.Dr.Khawaja Amjad Saeed
*Sales Tax Act,1990 & Rules. by Govt.of Pakistan/S.A.Salaam,8th Edition.
*Synopsis of Taxation by Munawar Hussain Mirza.PAC Lahore.
*PBP CA-Study Text.
*Guide to Income Tax Law..Raza Naqvi.

C9-Business Communication & Behavioural Studies (BCBS)-
*BCBS by PBP CA-Study Text.
*Organizational Behaviour by Fred Luthans.
*Management & Organizational Behaviour by Laurie.J.Mullins.
*IPS Communication Book,latest edition by Joseph.A.Devito.
*IPS Communication by Prof.William Heney.
*InterplayThe process of Interpersonal Communication by Ronald B.Adler Lawrence & B.Rosenfeld.
>>PSTC CERTIFICATE (100 hours)-To be submitted with MOD-C exams.
*The Agile Manager Guide to giving Great Presentations by Jeff Olson.
*Making Presentations by Tim Hindle.
*How to Develop Self-confidence & Influence people by public speaking by Dale Carneigie.
*Successful Presentation Skills by Andrew bradbury.
*Successful Presentations for Dummies..Dummy Series.
*Audio/Video cassettes..Available at British Council.
D10-Company Law(CLW)-
*Companies Ordinance,1984 & rules....Govt.of Pakistan.
*Companies (issues of capital)Rules,1996..Govt.of Pakistan.
*Company Law & Practice in Pakistan..Prof.Dr.Khawaja Amjad Saeed
*Company Law & Practice in Pakistan by A.G.Chaudhary.
*Company Law & Practice in Pakistan & Corporate Handbook.....Luqman baig.
*Lectures on CLW by N.H.Shah.
*Introduction to Company law...M.H.Bokhari.
*Company Law for CA Inter.students level only...PAC,Ishfaq Publishing Co.Lahore.

*Practical Auditing by Spicer & pegler.
*Principles of Auditing...F.R.De Paula.
*Principles & Procedures of Auditing..Prof.Dr.Khawaja Amjad Saeed
*Auditing..Milli Champ.
*Fundamentals of Auditing...R.K.Mantz.
*Manual of Auditing(students edition)..V.C.Cooper.
*Auditing Today by Emile Wolf.
*Int.Aud.St. & Int.Aud.Practices Statements by ICAP.
*Auditing,PBP CA-Study text.
*Inter.Aud.Stand. of Auditing..PAC/Ishfaq Publish.Co.LHR

D12-Cost Accounting(CAC)-
*Cost Accounting..Charles I Horngren.
*Cost Accounting..Matz,Curry,Frank & Khan.
*Cost Accounting..W.W.Bigg.
*Cost Accounting..Blocker & Weltmer.
*Cost Accounting & Costing Methods...H.J.Wheldon.
*Terminology of Cost Accounting..CIMA London..UK
*Cost Accounting..PBP CA-Study Text.

D13-Information Technology-II (IT-2 or IT)-
*IT-2,Study material Published by ICAP.
*PBP CA-Study Text.
*A.T.Foulks Lynch,Pakistan.
*Computing in Business Studies by H.Lucas.
*Computers by Long & Long.
*MIS,Conceptual Foundation,Structure & Development..Gordon.B.Davis.
*Computing by J.L.sardinas.
*Computres Today by Donald H.Sanders.
*MISs' by David Kroenke.
*Computed oriented Business Systems...Wayne.S.Boutell.
*Systems Analysis & Designs by Kendall & Kendall.
*Managing & Accounting for ISs..J.E.Cooks & B.H.Dury.
*Information Management-Guidance & Revision...Viva Books Pvt.Ltd.India

Edited by - MUHAMMAD ADNAN ARSHAD on Jan 15 2005 42514 PM
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01-15-2005, 09:27 PM
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Please Refrain From Posting the same post Again and Again. It could be considered As Spamming.



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01-15-2005, 10:43 PM
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Adnan sahab yah achi bat nahin hay kisi ki post ko baghair ijazat dobara post nahin karty

kahin aisa na ho kah original post maker aap par copy right ka dawa na kar dee or aap ko jail jana pary.
take care next time.

something is missing
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01-16-2005, 12:20 AM
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my dear friends !
I'm the real poster of this topic & no-one can claim on me about the copy-right problem of this topic. It is my own personal topic posted by me on this STUDENTS FORUM.
The only thing is that, it is being repeated by me for students convenience after felling its demand. OK MY DEAR CRITIC

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01-16-2005, 11:00 PM
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Hi Dear Adnan,

Can u tell be which of these books have "borrowing costs"...
Plz don't recommend the PAC past papers...

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