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ICAP Recommended Books for CA-Foundation
01-15-2005, 09:21 PM
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ICAP Recommended Books for CA-Foundation
Reference Material for CA Studies-
IMPORTANT NOTE These are the total recommended books of ICAP for the thorough study. However, you can choose any of them to read & pass your respective modules...
*ICAP recommended books.
*Daily class lecture notes & reference material.
*Class assignments & quizzes.
*Papers of your RAET ( term tests question papers ).
*Past papers of ICAP.( PAC,Ishfaq Publishing Co.Lahore,Recommended by ICAP)
*& all other text recommended by your respective RAET.

CA-Foundation Examinations
A1-Functional English(FEN)-
*Oxford English for Colleges by D.H.Howe
*30 days to a more powerful vocabulary(revised edition) by Dr.Wilfred Funk & Norman Lewis
*Instant Vocabulary...Ida Ehrlich.
*Management English Course Book by K.E.Rowlands.
*Functional English...Blundel,Higgens,Middlemiss.
*A.T.Foulks Lynch Pakistan
*PBP,CA-Study Text.

A2-Business Mathematics & Statistics..Quantitative Methods(QMT)-
*Mathematics for Business & Economics by M.M.Mirza,FCMA,FCA.
*Statistics for B.Sc.I,II(Ilmi book house) by Prof.Dr.Sher Mohd. Chaudhary
*Applied Mathematics for Business,Economics & Social Sciences by Frank.S.Budnik
*Quantitative Methods by Foulks Lynch,Karachi
*PBP CA-Study Text.(QMT)
*Business Mathematics..L.W.Stafford.
*Business Mathematics by Steven C.Lawlor.
*Wheldons' Business Statistics Methods....Thirkettle.
*Modern Business Statistics by Freund & Williams.
*Business Statistics...Richard & Lacave.
*Theory & Problems of Statistics by Murray R.Speigel.
*Statistics,Theory & Practice by M.K.Ghosh & S.C.Chaudhary.

A3-Introduction to Economics & Finance(IEF)-
*Prof.Abdul-Haleem Khawaja,NCBMS Islamabad
*Economics & Economics of Pakistan By Prof.Dr.Khawaja Amjad Saeed
*IEF,Foulks Lynch,Pakistan
*IEF,PBP CA-Study Text.(sported by Prof.Saeed Nasir)
*EconomicsInternational Students Edition,Paul-A-Samuelson & William Nardhous.
*Annual Economic Survey..Ministry of Finance.
*Five year planning....Planning Commission.
*Introductory Economics...G.F.Stanlake.
*Economics,latest Edition....David Begg.
*Introduction to Economics...A.Cairncross.
*Benhams' Economics....F.W.Paish.
*Trade,Finance & Development....Russel & Mohammad.
B4-Introduction to Financial Accounting(FAC-1 or IFA)
*Business Accounting by Frankwood - Vol-I,II
*Advanced Accounts by M.C.Shukla & T.C.Grewal
*Principles of Accounting by M.A.Ghani
*A.T.Foulks Lynch Pakistan
*Introduction to Financial Accounting,PBP CA-Study Text
*Advanced Accounting by R.L.Gupta

B5-Mercantile Law (MLW)-
*Mercantile law,M.C.Shukla
*Mercantile & Industrial Laws of Pakistan by Prof.Dr.Khawaja Amjad Saeed
*Mercantile Law by Luqman Baig.
*Mercantile Laws & Industrial Laws,A.G.Chaudhary.
*A.T.Foulks Lynch.Pakistan.
*PBP CA-Study Text.
*Indian Contract(Polleck & Mullas')...Q.A.Wadud.
*All bare-Acts...F.D.Mulla & Govt.of Pakistan.
*Mercantile Law by M.C.Kucchal

B6-Introduction to Information Technology(IIT or IT-1)-
*IIT,Student Study Guide,Student Revision Material & reference material contained therein by ICAP.
*IIT,PBP CA-Study Text.
*A.T.Foulks Lynch,Pakistan.
*Management Information Systems by R.L.Martino.
*Computer in Business Studies by H.Lucas.
*Computers,Long & Long.
>>COMPLETION OF COMPUTER PRACTICAL TRAINING(CCPT)(30 marks)Exam to be taken after Module-B exams(ICAP new policy).
ICAP conduct 2-hours duration test hands-on-experiance covering 30% credit of the B6 course,using INTRANET.
*Microsoft Office..(Powerpoint,Access,Excel,Word,E-mail & Internet,MS-DOS,Windows)by PBP & Oxford open Learning.
*Practical Journal,notes & print-outs of your respective RAETS showing the evidence of work during training.

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸ ¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»
«.......... A D N A N ..........»
«·´`·.(¸.·*(¸.·´ `·.¸)*·.¸).·´`·»
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01-15-2005, 10:37 PM
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Adnan are you in a habbit of posting a same message thrice. Exactly the samemessage can be found in the above link. Worths A Check.


"If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come."
If I could... Then I would... Turn back time!!
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01-16-2005, 12:10 AM
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oh my dear ?
I think it is not your personal website, it is a combined message board fo all the members. nobody can impose undue influence over the other to post or not to post a particular topic on this board.
As far as this topic is concerned, when the demand of the members (either old or new) about this topic is increased, I revise this topic considering it essential after encountering the all circumstances. students repeatedly ask for ICAP recommended study material, so it is immensely needed to revise this important topic. Further THE MOST IMPORTANT PURPOSE TO POST THIS TOPIC is that noone can access/search this specific information on the internet anywhere in the world except this post on this forum. THIS IS THE ONLY DATA ABOUT ICAP RECOMMENDED STUDY MATERIAL ON THE INTERNET.....OK MY DEAR CRITICAL FRIEND

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸ ¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»
«.......... A D N A N ..........»
«·´`·.(¸.·*(¸.·´ `·.¸)*·.¸).·´`·»
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01-16-2005, 03:47 AM
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Mr Adnan.

Here i am not taking a seat of a critic. Nor i am trying to critisize u. I beleive that no One has a right to impose an undue influence over Any Body. But still i think he has the freedom to recommend Some Best Practices.

By posting the Same Message again and again u r causing the forum Members to loose Interest in your Messages. Just Go through the responses ur 1st post has attracted http//

Then Compare it with the responses if any ur 2nd post has attracted.

U Can very Well Analyse it and likewise could also Draw the Conclusion Ur Self.

No Offense Intended.

If I could... Then I would... Turn back time!!
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