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Time Can be Turned Back
02-04-2005, 07:03 PM
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Time Can be Turned Back
Time Can be Turned Back <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Tahoma, Arial" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote">Time has been one of the most complicated and less studied scientific issues since ancient times
Eight years ago, American and British scientists who conducted investigations in Antarctica made a sensational discovery. US physicist Mariann McLein told the researchers noticed some spinning gray fog in the sky over the pole on January 27 which they believed to be just ordinary sandstorm. However, the gray fog did not change the form and did not move in the course of time. The researchers decided to investigate the phenomenon and launched a weather balloon with equipment capable to register the wind speed, the temperature and the air moisture. But the weather balloon soared upwards and immediately disappeared.

In a little while, the researchers brought the weather balloon back to the ground with the help of a rope attached to it before. They were extremely surprised to see that a chronometer set in the weather balloon displayed the date of January 27, 1965, the same day 30 years ago. The experiment was repeated several times after the researchers found out the equipment was in good repair. But each time the watch was back it displayed the past time. The phenomenon was called "the time gate" and was reported to the White House.

Today investigation of the unusual phenomenon is underway. It is supposed that the whirl crater above the South Pole is a tunnel allowing to penetrate into other times. What is more, programs on launching people to other times have been started. The CIA and the FBI are fighting for gaining control over the project that may change the course of history. It is not clear when the US federal authorities will approve the experiment.

Famous Russian scientist Nikolay Kozyrev conducted an experiment to prove that moving from the future to the past was possible. He substantiated his views with the hypotheses on instant information spreading through physical characteristics of time. Nikolay Kozyrev even supposed that "time could execute the work and produce energy." An American physics theorist has arrived at a conclusion that time is what existed before existence of the world.

It is known that each of us feels a different course of time under different conditions. Once lightning hit a mountain-climber; later the man told he saw the lightning got into his arm, slowly moved along it, separated the skin from the tissues and carbonized his cells. He felt as if there were quills of thousands hedgehogs under his skin.

Russian investigator of anomalous phenomena, philosopher and author of numerous books Gennady Belimov published his article under the headline "Time Machine First Speed On" in the newspaper On the Verge of Impossible. He described unique experiments conducted by a group of enthusiasts led by Vadim Chernobrov, the man who began creation of time machines, devices with electromagnetic pumping in 1987. Today the group of enthusiasts can slow down or speed up the course of time using special impact of the magnetic field. The biggest slowing down of time made up 1.5 seconds within an hour of the equipment's operation in labs.

In August 2001, a new model of the time machine meant for a human was set in a remote forest in Russia's Volgograd Region. When the machine even operated on car batteries and had low capacity, it still managed to change the time by three per cent; the change was registered with symmetrical crystal oscillators.

At first, the researchers spent five, ten and twenty minutes in the operating machine; the longest stay lasted for half an hour. Vadim Chernobrov said that the people felt as if they moved to a different world; they felt life here and "there" at the same time as if some space was unfolding. "I cannot define the unusual feelings that we experienced at such moments."

Neither TV nor radio companies reported the astonishing fact; Gennady Belimov says the Russian president was not informed of the experiment. However, he tells that already under Stalin there was a Research Institute of the Parallel World. Results of experiments conducted by Academicians Kurchatov and Ioffe can be now found in the archives. In 1952, head of the Soviet secret police organization Lavrenty Beria initiated a case against researchers participating in the experiments, as a result of which 18 professors were executed by shooting and 59 candidates and doctors of physical sciences were sent to camps. The Institute recommenced its activity under Khruschev. But an experimental stand with eight leading researchers disappeared in 1961, and buildings close to the one where experiments were conducted were ruined. After that, the Communist Party political bureau and the Council of Ministers decided to suspend researchers of the Institute for an uncertain period.

The program was resumed in 1987 when the Institute already functioned on the territory of the Soviet Union. A tragedy occurred on August 30, 1989 an extremely strong explosion sounded at the Institute's branch office on the Anjou islands. The explosion destroyed not only the experimental module of 780 tons but also the archipelago itself that covered the area of 2 square kilometers. According to one of the versions of the tragedy, the module with three experimenters collided with a large object, probably an asteroid, in the parallel world or heading toward the parallel world. Having lost its propulsion system, the module probably remained in the parallel world.

The last record made in the framework of the experiment and kept at the Institute archives says "We are dying but keep on conducting the experiment. It is very dark here; we see all objects become double, our hands and legs are transparent, we can see veins and bones through the skin. The oxygen supply will be enough for 43 hours, the life support system is seriously damaged. Our best regards to the families and friends!" Then the transmission suddenly stopped.

Olga Zharina <hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></font id="quote"></blockquote id="quote">
Interesting topic...I don't know how true it is, but imagine the possibilities...
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02-05-2005, 12:45 AM
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Nice topic DS. I would like to put some comments.
Time is of many types
1- Solar time
We are all familiar with this time. Sun has been the source of time measurement from centuries (maybe it gave berth to the concept of time).
This kind of time depends upon the motion of sun.
2- Sidereal time
It is a long topic and this time has many purposes. Important things are;
This time is based on far-away fixed stars and its one day is four minutes shorter then solar day.
3- Dynamical time
It is based on the annual revolution of earth around the sun.
4- Atomic time
Time produced by atomic clock, most accurate clock on earth.
5- Biological time
Time produced from the clock that God has put in all living creatures’ mind. This clock takes data from physical changes in environment i.e. Day and night, Seasons etc.
It is not impossible that time could be changed. Below is given an experiment, considering it if we run a craft at a speed of earth’s rotation, time can either be stopped or doubled, depending upon the direction.

Time is not a physical constant. It is created from and affected by motion and gravity. It is said that near large mass objects or in high gravity, time slows down or even stops (Black holes are example). It is called time dilation.

Time dilation effects due to motion were experimentally observed in the early 1970s. Researchers placed atomic clocks on commercial airliners and observed the expected changes in time as measured by those clocks relative to similar clocks on the ground. In particular, when the planes traveled east, in the direction of Earth’s rotation, the clocks on the airliners were 59 nanoseconds (59 billionths of a second) slow relative to the atomic clocks on the ground. When the airplanes traveled west, the clocks were 273 nanoseconds fast. This discrepancy is caused by the rotation of Earth, which causes an additional time dilation. If the effect of Earth's rotation is removed, the time dilation produced by the motion of the airliners confirms Einstein's theory of how time changes with motion, as the dilation is in agreement with predictions made by the theory.
Can we go to the past or future
I think no (in the light of current theories)
We have observed that if we make time run slow, it will cause slow changes in our body and other environment and if we make it run fast we'll get older soon. It means that if we make time reverce, we'll be children again and then distroyed and if we make it run fast, we'll be old and dead. So there is no possibility of going into past or future before any further developments.

It can only happen when we use two different time threads. One for us (Stoped) and one for ouside world (Fast/Slow/Reverse).
Purely written by Shahid [8D]
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02-05-2005, 04:35 PM
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The subject of the original post was also a radio program on Art Bell one night a few months ago. I have to claim not to belive this story, but it does open up some interesting possibilities.

I'm convinced that there will always be more that we don't know or understand than what we do know - no matter how large our base of knowledge gets.

Can there be a time warp at the poles maybe, after all they are the exit point of this planets magnetic lines of force.

And (this is important) we scientifically don't really understand magnetic flux - much less what effect concentrations as at the poles would do to our concept of space time

I believe that science has not yet been able to produce a direction that time does move in, or an arrow indicating that time must flow in a certain direction, but then we don't know everything.

Time travel is possible. If you can move fast enough, then you will be transported into the future. In fact, if you have ever taken a trip on a modern jet, your elapsed time while in transit was microseconds less than the elapsed time on the earth below. I spent so much time in the '80s flying across the country that I'm probably a milisecond younger than I would be if I had stayed on the ground. Everyone tells me that I look young for my age.[D]

I do think it is pretty interesting that science cannot find a single biological function, or a single natural process that will not work in reverse if time weere to be turned around.

At least, that is my understanding at this point.

If I could... Then I would... Turn back time!!
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