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Suicide Bombing
06-15-2005, 03:11 AM,
Suicide Bombing
Suicide bombing is now increasing these days .It has been causing many casualities.In Iraq,Palestine,Pakistan and many other places these actions are going to be intense. Why r muslims ,today ,forced to do such acts?
1)Either they r not given their due rights.
2)They have been treated as dogs everywhere.
3)To get self-respect.
4)To get attention of superpowers,so that their miserable condition may change.
5)To show ppl that there exists another religion named Islam .

Muslims have been crushing now-a-days, with brutality. The condition in Afghanistan,Iraq,Palestine are presenting horrible scenes.So is this right for the muslims to do suicide bombing?In this way they have been able to achieve a respected place.Can they snatch their rights by doing such action?Are they doing Jihad?
Such actions showed that Islam is a terrorist religion,????????So is this right that muslims fighting for their freedom are named as terrorists by the Superpowers???????????????

So what do u ppl think is the best way that muslims should adopt now to get their respected place again.Muslims are not united now and so called great organization UNO has also not been giving the proper attention to such matters.
So muslims should do JIHAD (terrorist activities named by non-muslims) or??????????????what u ppl suggest now...........

Anusha Rafique
06-15-2005, 07:04 AM,
The real fault lies in our ownselves, first we all muslims have to unite and then take any stand infront of devilish powers. Otherwise we all will remain like that poor, helpless ,weak and disgusting too.


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