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09-06-2003, 04:20 PM
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A letter appeared in FCA group, which requires some serious feedback from you guys....


In the Chinese year of the Ram , this 14th August, in the city of
the Allama Iqbal, great celebrations took place to commemorate a
historic Event, the division of the land of the subcontinent between
secular India and that of Pakistan – the Land of the Pure. Today I
transcribe before you an incident that took place with my close
personal family, which I would be grateful if you were to pay some
heed to it.

The Land of the Pure- the literal meaning which the Oxford English
Dictionary gives is unmixed, unadulterated, not discordant, mere,
simple, morally or sexually undefiled; guiltless. The word Pure has
been translated from "Pak" in Pakistan which has a much larger
meaning but to a large extent conforms to the meaning in the Oxford
English Dictionary. So keeping in mind the true essence of the
word `Pure' and its literal meanings the people of Pakistan celebrate
Independence Day each 14th August to remember the ideology of the
Pakistan movement, its founders and martyrs sacrifices and to set
forth a resolve towards the country for the forthcoming year.

This celebration I relate to you now ….

My maternal aunt visiting with her children from Canada was in Lahore
last month and to see the sights and the `Lights' of the city set
out in two cars at about 10.30 at night on Main Boulevard – as
everyone knows a busy thoroughfare. As they progressed down the road
they came upon a traffic jam, where suddenly their cars were
surrounded by a sortie of boys and men ( some shirtless ) ranging in
late teens to early thirties on motorbikes and in motorcars. The boys
sat in cradle positions on the motorbikes., that is facing each
other, they carried bottles of alcohol which they drank openly and
they made obscene gestures at the passengers in my aunt's cars – co -
incidently who were all of the fairer sex. Well, to say the least,
this harassment went on for about one and a half hour, where this
rowdy procession which included a Government number plated vehicle
would not let their cars through and tried to forcefully open the
front doors of one car where my cousin a girl of about twenty one was
seated. Oh I forgot to mention they also poured the forbidden nectar
on the car windscreen and when my aunt complained to a police officer
standing on duty not more than an arms length away., the reply she
received was totally in tone with the rampage around. The officer
blankly refused to help and simply saying to them in crude Punjabi "
dafa ho jao " and when reminded of his duty and manners uttered
quite a few choice expletives. I would like to mention that they
approached three police officers and finally when my aunt's sister
threatened that she was the daughter in law of the Inspector General
of Police, one of the officers finally let the one car pass through
the barricade.

Coming back to the definition of the Oxford English Dictionary lets
analyze each word individually for confirmation of the celebration
ideals of the Celebrants' if I may respectfully address the crowd as

Unmixed, as in straight, as in neat, as in no foul material added –
the ideals of the Founder ( may Allah give him Peace ) of Unity of
Faith and of Discipline – I humbly submit no longer stand unmixed.
Theirs disunity, there is a complete lack of faith in the oneself, in
the system of Governance and in Dogma , and in the end the
temperature of the celebrants which reeked of Indiscipline and

Unadulterated as in untouched as in simplicity as in holy as in Pure –
well that meaning is completely stretched when we consider that the
crowd was drinking alcohol and besides if not drunk on that, was on a
plane much higher than u and I can imagine.

Not discordant taken to mean as harmonious or jarring on the nerves,
my nine year old cousin who faced this ordeal still has nightmares
and my poor aunt still bows to Allah that he saved them from the
designs of the unruly youth that surrounded them.

Morally or sexually undefiled is something that can hardly be
attributed to that crowd. They were devoid of good manners, of
etiquette and of decorum and not to mention that they showed how
sexually frustrated the youth have become in this over conservative
society. The urban youth is now exposed to so much external influence
that they feel restricted when they energy has no release, their
choices in terms of healthy entertainment limited and very little
chance of interaction with the members of the opposite sex.

My letter to you is not in the spirit of humor, nor complaint, nor
factual. I'm not pretending to be condescending though at times tone
tends to be so. This letter is only written to ask for feedback; on
the event that happened, whether this kind of harassment is
reflective of the mindset of the youth, should independence
celebrations be now off limits for families to attend considering how
respectable members of this society have stopped visiting cinemas,
certain parks etc for fear of such hooliganism. One thing more can I
get some response on how this unbridled energy can somehow be
channeled into something productive and futuristic and whether a
forum is needed to challenge such a society menace.
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