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Engineering VS CA
11-29-2005, 10:40 PM,
Engineering VS CA
i'd like to know the scope and financial outputs of both of these fields !!!
and also,, if anybody could mention about the various fields of engineering,, a lil explaination abt them and their scope !
thnx !
12-03-2005, 05:00 PM,

It is said that Unemployment rate is Zero for qualified CA of ICAP

and what is the position of Engineering graduate?



12-03-2005, 10:49 PM,
), amazed to see that you want to compare engineering and ICAP. More astonishing is the fact that the only consideration is the 'financial outputs'
12-05-2005, 06:23 PM,
Engineering VS CA!
Absolutely, it is a big issue & requires a big "QUESTION MARK (?)" after it. Yeah! I have a personal experience of passing from such horrible/terrible crisis situation, when by grace of ALLAH, I got admission in almost all the best ENGG. Institutions of Pakistan.

1-UET, Lahore (BSc. Mechanical Engg.)
2-PU, Lahore (BSc. Chemical Engg.)
3-PIA (BSc. Aeronautical Cadet) Only 15 students selected all over Pakistan.
4-Pak Army, EME, Rawalpindi. (BSc. Electrical Engg. as TCC)
5-NFC, Multan (BSc. Chemical Engg.)
6-Islamabad Institute of Space Technology (IIST), Islamabad. (BSc. Aerospace Engg.) only 15 studsents selected all over Pakistan.
7-6-IIST, Islamabad. (BSc. Telecommunication Engg.) only 15 studsents selected all over Pakistan.
**(Tests of NUST & GIKI were missed, unfortunately)

Then, after obtaining admissions in all such reputed institutions, I even felt confusion about my future. At last, after a big brainstorming & taking lot of opinions from my seniors/relatives/cousins/friends, I started CA & "BURN ALL THE BOATS BEHIND ME". I'm the 9th one of my cousins, who are doing or have done CA. Lastly & the most imporatant, my father is a BANKER of UBL, he forced me to do CA.
Now, I come to the main issue...
...1...As far as Enggs. are concerned, there is 0.1-0.5% (approx) unemployment rate. Engineers are also well rewarded in Pakistan like CAs/CMAs/Doctors etc. There is also an "The Institution of Engineers in Pakistan (IEP)" & "Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)" like ICAP/ICMAP/PIPFA/IBP etc. Like CAs, Engineers aren't free. It all depends upon the personal skills or Knowledge of the respective profession.
Further, the institutes also contributes towards the success of the professions. The only difference is that there is 99.99% surety of becoming an engineer after getting admission in any university, once & also the passing ratio is appreciating & bulk is passed. But in CA, there is big factor of "UNCERTAINTY"; even at final stage, career may be collapsed (unfortunately), & also the passing %age is extremely low. This is the main point of difference.
...2...Engineers are considered to be an expert of only a particular technology og engineering but "CAs are the JACK OF ALL TRADES IN COMMERCE FIELD". Therefore, the demand is more of CAs.
...3...There is a growing need of accountants due to industry expansion. Even computers/technology cannot remove humans/living accountants.

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12-05-2005, 07:49 PM,
12-06-2005, 06:19 PM,
could anyone plz temme the kind of study a student has to do for the different feilds of engineering like mechanical, electical, electronics, telecom,,
i just wanna know which one would be more interesting and awarding for me !

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