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01-29-2006, 03:20 AM
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Dear Forum Members
It has been over four months that I am reading topics posted by STICKY. The debate is going no where. Let me assure you that all qualifications are good, if you can sell your self. If you can not sell your self, then no qualification can help you. So please do not be bothered by ICMAP, ICAP, ACCA. They all have their demand and are expected to remain so in foreseeable future. Accounatncy has also developed as a profession with highest international mobility.
I am a career changer and have come to accounatncy at age of 35. I did ACMA and ACCA. I left one of the most honourable government jobs. But ever since I came in this field, I have never looked back. Moreover I have never been sorry about why I choose one qualification over the other. The only conclusion I have practically reasched is, that its finally me who matter. Qualification is just a catalyst to get first job.
So please do not debate and please do not feel disadvantaged if you are persuing any particular qualification. Just work hard through it, get the right experience, and you will your self see that you will prosper.
As to my knowledge, the current unemployment rate in professional accountants is near ZERO percent. So why worry?
As regards IFAC committment, members of all member bodies are equal.

So please get down to work, and do not waste your time in useless comparisons, and belittiling other qualifications. DO GET PRACTICLE EXPERIENCE - its a short cut to success.

Aamer Sikandar

Aamer Sikandar
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