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CA-Student killed a Lawyer:
03-28-2010, 03:23 AM,

Are you hailing from some non-**** region? If not, then you may also be living in some perception. Do I sound odd?


You are true that we should not base conclusions on suni sunaai news but the matter that had remained subjudiced in court and was closed down by some so-called settlement and that has been well discussed by media MAY or MAY NOT be truly that as it looks. So perceptions can play their role on both sides.

I don't need to doubt that you yourself may be Nasir Afridi since I have no connection with this issue, yet, if you are not that Kamaal ke personality then you may also be wrong due to erroneous human judgment.

Still, it makes sense that if we are not connected with the case, and if court has relieved some one, we should not pull out the hidden skeletons. If some one has some concern he has a legal way out to take a remedial action.

So buddy cool down; facts are only known to ALLAH.


07-23-2010, 06:26 PM,
The accident occured in California why does a NC attorney need to get involved? That makes no sense. You only need the one attorney and make sure any medical treatments you are receiving his office continues to get those records.


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10-29-2011, 04:25 PM,
salam guys, I was so much bz in my research and work bt now come wd 2 bombastic news.
1st lady about whom Mr Shakir was mentioned(highly professional)get married with his senior in her office and 4get anything about past.
2nd Mr Hero Nasir also recently started new journey toward new life off course guys! he also get married with a simple dassi type of girl.
No doubt Mr hero has charismatic personality.I dont know he is or he will b milliner or not bt he is successfully getting love and prayers of thousands of people.
I think end of ds story will be..
They will live happily ever after......[)]

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