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Book recommendation
07-08-2006, 05:46 AM,
Book recommendation
Guys can you suggest any books which give an overview of commerce for dummies?
I come from a Computer Science background so I am not confident with my knowledge of businesses, companies...etc
07-13-2006, 01:08 AM,
What sort of knowledge do you want to have?
07-28-2006, 05:28 AM,
<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Tahoma, Arial" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by Schuaeb</i>
<br />What sort of knowledge do you want to have?
<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></font id="quote"></blockquote id="quote">

I think I have a competent understanding of business but I am really concious as I do not come from a business background and I feel I might be missing basic knowledge which everyone else has.

Basically I am interested in Economics, Business Laws....etc and maybe of extending my commercial vocabulary, So I can pretend to know what I am talking about. [p]

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