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Acca Qualification
12-18-2003, 06:05 AM,
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Hey guys....come on....i am really amazed to see that whats going on....Hey Omer to whom are u telling all this stuff...i didnt ask anything like that nor i guess anyone else....and Omer i would like u to plz go through my last reply which i mentioned what i am exactly asking....Now tell me where did i ask anyone to tell me that would the matric guy face some problems if he joins this profession ....i was only asking is it better to do Inter and alongwith Acca becoz later while looking for articleship companies MAY prefer the person through this route instead of a person with just CAT qualifcation...see thats my go through ur last two replies and u will urself come to know that u completely misunderstood the whole thing...bocoz u r telling me that the A-levels guys have ability to urgue in english and all this stuff...ok they may have...but i have nothing to do with if in ur next reply u wanna post all this irrelative things ...plz dont quote my reply becoz my question has NOTHING to do with it...and as far as u said there is no need to be so aggressive in questioning.....just go through ur own 5th reply on this topic ...u will come to know who started all this...And if u still think this is all my fault..i am sorry..thats all i can sayyy...u take care...
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Hey Iqbal
man some arguement eh! well even i didnt mean to come out aggresive and stuff like that ... im sorry for being so if u felt it.. u see honestly i think that a student coming from a CAT background will have a more sound background as far as accountancy and auditing is concerned .. and then yes of course inter and b.comm are both to be a higher qualification, implying higher knowledge and competance.. but sadly due to the curriculum being used CAT students will actually be more up-to-date in the required aspects .. and hence CAT students do have an advantage .. having said that i also think that for matric students the best route would be to do CAT while doing their matric or inter .. giving them a taste of the profession as well as knowledge .. and then do their b.comm along with their ACCA, CA or whatever professional qualifications they are pursuing .. but then again its my personal opinion ..
I hope I have satisfied you with this reply .. )u take care and be good as well!


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