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UAE - Market Situation
04-01-2009, 07:39 PM,

Let us know how the financial sector reports the bottomline results.

I mean any big names.


04-01-2009, 08:31 PM,
Sir Kamran

) machine was called "search engine".

i am still waiting for a reply to my 3rd post on previous page.

04-01-2009, 10:10 PM,
Yes I have comparison reports of top banks for 2008 & 2007. But how I paste it here I dont know.
Its in excel format.
04-02-2009, 12:10 AM,
<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by kamranACA</i>
<br />Dears,

I don't know why people are so much concerned with english and mention it again and again. Off course we are not english by race and any one can write in english to whatever extent he knows. Did any one any where objected or pointed out the inability to write in english?

Yes, once in response to a query I said ICAP knows the fathers of its students are not english so it has prescribed a paper on some language skills as well. I think there is nothing critical in it.

No one disgraced the other at his own, it was merely a response. If the other has stopped his ethics, I will certainly not pass any comments. So, it ends here.

I wonder if profile on matrimonial site was made by any one over here. I just point out that we can confirm from site owners the exact date of creation of this profile. By the way logically speaking the login number given to this profile on that site can roughly suggest the time of creation of the profile. If that number relates to 2007 then certainly there is no malign involvement in creation. No one can go back in 2007 to creat profile and get the login pertaining to that tenure.

It can also be confirmed from which country this profile was made ie either from UK or else where. The usage history may also be asked for.

However, I think there is no harm or sin in creating such profile and one should not hide his head behind arguments and requests to Admin.

I said I don't admire quoting such personal info. Rabia has posted her regrets as well, certainly adressed to Admin.


I today visited the webiste you referred where you quoted the login sol-189176. I could not search the date of making this profile since I was not registered on the website. However there is another login sol-220155 made on March 18, 2008 providing 99% similar information except that even on this date his age was 30 i.e. un-altered. He might be taking bnefit of rounding off. You can go and search, if you like.

However, the existence of sol-220155 at least confirms that sol-189176 could not be by any means registered in the year 2009 or even in the year 2008. This profile was for sure registered in 2007.

Rabia, you are very "chalaak". I mean you used time machine and went in year 2007 to make out such profile. )

I agree there is no sin in getting registered on such sites but it shows who is concerned with such issues which were alleged to Rabia.

Admin, I am sorry but rest assured I did not mention any one's name.


<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></font id="quote"></blockquote id="quote">

Dear Adim

I was not going to post on this topic but above post force me to do it.

I do not know if admin will allow following post but after KamranACA and Rabia-K post it is necessary to mention name in my this post as KamranACA has mentioned dates.

Firstly this little girl calimed she search Khalid Sipra on google and the links come up. i will request all users of serach Khalid Sipra on google and see if following links come up



Obviously they will not come up. SO it means she personally went to which she normally visits for herself and obvioulsy put all those details which I disclosed about myself in this forum. It is very easy to see that 100% same details are there which are on this web site even spelling to name are the same. KamranACA said <font color="red">I today visited the webiste you referred where you quoted the login sol-189176. I could not search the date of making this profile since I was not registered on the website. </font id="red">

So he is confirming to check deails one has to registered on the site and this little girl saw all deatils as per her statetemt. So it is confirmed she is register there, INTERESTING. Creation date of profiles which I cannot see, but I take Kamran words that they were created in 2007. As in KamranACA words This profile was for sure registered in 2007.

As it has been alraedy established that this girl is registered on these kind of sites as she an see details because in KamranACA words <font color="red">I could not search the date of making this profile since I was not registered on the website.</font id="red"> SO it also could be possibility (i am saying possibility) that her brother was registered on this site and now she put 100% sames details about me even spelling of name on her brother name. Cause it is established that she is register there as she can see deatils one has to be register and this girl can see details. If she is register then why her brother cannot be registered, why not. She needs to exaplin if she got any brothers.

I understad people lining in UAE for decades still third class inhabitant needs to do these things and that cannot find any one for their daughters. I wish her luck in finding someone there. SO to check deatils one has to be register and she can see details. INTERESTING.

Any way I am going to email geo and i will know who did it.

Admin can see what going on there and how people are stealing others ID. Now it is established that she is registered there and put all these info. Remember KamranACA confirmed that to check detaisl one need to be register and this girl can see details. Let see what Admin does

Dear Admin

I just replied to post which I normally do.
04-02-2009, 12:18 AM,
Anyone can see what this girl is doing. I request her not to take anything personal and i wish her good luck. If I am wrong in whatever I said plz let me know.

Once again I will request to delete these profiles.
04-02-2009, 12:33 AM,
04-02-2009, 12:42 AM,

What goes wrong if some body uses his mind to arrive at the conclusions. I wonder why this man don't do this. He provides the direct link of matrimonial website while Rabia said she found it from Google search engine. I just ask him to click on the following link and he will definitely go where Rabia went.

Kabhi tu banda damaagh use karey.


Even if it does not work, following the way Rabia described, one can type "Khalid Sipra ACCA" on google search and he will reach this link that gets opened. I mean it requires little help of mind yaar. However, there may be a strategy to divert the attention by asking to click on those links which don't get opened. He should note that he cant divert the attention.

Even if some body, who is not registered on that site goes there, and type Khalid Sipra in quick search option, he/she will get three results, out of which two are same which I mentioned in my earlier post and third is different. A test to this statement is needed. We saw him refering two unidentical persons with his own name but avoiding to disclose the third which I mentioned in my earlier post i.e. that was registered in March 2008. Rabia's provided link page was registered in July 2007. This speaks that he knows everything and is hiding his head by such efforts.

Rabis, don't get irritated. We know what he is.

I also let the readers know that purpose of Rabia's post was not to point out why he is on that matrimonial site. In fact the purpose was to tell that he was of 30 years of age in 2007 and till date he is not ACCA member. While in 2007 he wrote he is ACCA member. I write this to keep the things on track. I again say there is no harm in getting registered on any such valid site. The above posts and the noise on the issue of this site is to deviate the attention from his age and his status as ACCA affiliate so far and his unconfirmed status at ICAI (Ireland) which he did not so far clarified.

I am not asking any one to object on any one's personal affairs or why any one is registered on any site. It's every one very own right. The question was in fact about the age and status of membership (ACCA) and status of qualification (ICAI), which are still un-answered.

Off course if some one is not ACCA member, he should not write his-self as ACCA. If this has been done it is against the ethics, the saga of which this man has been singing with all efforts. I will refer the pages of this forum to ACCA to check whether or not he is convicted of any professional misconduct. We also wait for his response on ICAI (Ireland) matter.

Admin should also check his claim of being ACCA from the association.


04-02-2009, 12:49 AM,
Come on Man you little friend said she typed <b>Khalid Sipra</b> on google and searched you searched <b>Kahlid Sipra, ACCA</b>.

Have you got brain to see there is hughe difference between <b>Khalid Sipra</b> and <b>Khalid Sipra ACCA</b>.

Thanks for letting me that there are two profile in Khalid sipra name. So some was in so much rush and wanted to disgrace me that person created two profile. Secondly now KamranACA is changing his statmemt. First it was one profile and now they suddenly become two.

I am not bothored anymore, it shows caliber of all you.

I have nothing to say I can just laugh. I will again request to plesae delete my information (which are even not correct) from this site. I sahll be grateful.I am not saying who done it. But plz do delete.
04-02-2009, 12:50 AM,
Miss rabia-k

I do respect you as a forum member and do not carry any bad feelings toward you. I hope you would not feel any offence with my post.

I know you are a student of ACCA and one day would be a member, InshaAllah, would get senior level posts. You may also get a chance to travel in different countries arround the globe.

Here, I am trying simply to explain some of probable results of some actions. At-least in Canada/ USA, posting someone's personal information in public space in such manner can lead to personal lawsuit and in some remote cases strip off even professional practice license, if mischief and personal defamation is proved, even if personal information posted on public forum is likely correct. You are lucky that you live in UAE.

The reason of telling you all this is, not to encourage you, and to remain cautious in <b>future</b> professional life, <b>specially if you live and work in jurisdictions where Law is quite strict.</b>

Just my two cents...


04-02-2009, 12:56 AM,
If Rabia is lucky then there is no point in making this point.

Further, go to my post on page No. 3 of this thread and see with your eyes that I mentioned two profiles.

Don't hide your head.
04-02-2009, 12:59 AM,
Dear Toronto_Boy

I would have not minded it if it was really me. Actually KamnranACA just disclosed that there are two profiles on the same site in Khalid Sipra name. It makes things more suspecion. Secondly KamranACA also disclosed to see inormation about someone on this particular site one have to be registered. She can see all details so she is registered there. I am not saying this. KamranACA said this. Secondly there are two actually three profiles in Khalid sipra name. Anyone can see who did it.

Anyway leave this topic this time. I will again say stealing oneone full or parital ID is crime (i am not mentioning anyone name here)
04-02-2009, 01:01 AM,
Any KamranACA plz discourage junior member of this forum for stealing inforamtion rather than encoraging them. However its entirely upto you.
04-02-2009, 01:19 AM,

I at the outset said I don't admire quoting such personal links.

However, since this is available on net therefore, this is not that personal. If this profile was not made by him, why he is complaining of theft of IDs. I wonder.

Further, the issue was not of matrimonial website at all. Issue was of his age, status (ACCA) etc in that tenure when he claimed on a public forum that he is an ACCA member. This must have to be seen in 2006 and not in current date.

If upon inquiry ACCA will confirm that he was ACCA before the date of his post (2006) I will be the first to clarify this on the forum. Certainly this would be an inquiry of his status in 2006 and not an allegation. Allegation will come if things will be proved to the contrary.

Apart from what should be done and what not, don't you see he is diverting the attention by offering to click on the weblinks that don't get opened? When I clarified that this could be reached through google, as Rabia explained, he again diverted by saying Rabia did not mention ACCA. I mean why you don't see such controvercies? If he is registered there he should condemn the effort of exposing his personal profile. We all will be with him. But when he is negating and diverting the situation, it makes it suspcious and an issue to be discussed.

I understand that being on some matrimonial site is a valid act and has nothing wrong in it. I also don't admire quoting personal info on the forums. However, I will not let any one to divert the things and decieve the others.

One must understand that IDs he is referring are issued by the site in a sequence and no one can break the system to go back in 2007 or 2008 to make his profile. He was not even known to me in 2007. This is also important. Rabia can confirm whether or not he was in her knowledge or not during that tenure. How stupid is it to say that some one from this forum has done this. I mean some one should react sensibly.

At the end, yes, I agree quoting some one's personal info is wrong. At the same time, using your words, I also say Rabia quoted only links. Further, this info was public when it is searchable through google. Still I don't encourage Rabia or any one to do this in future. You may be seeing that Rabia has offered her regrets.

Having said that, I must also say that the methodology being used by this man is not correct. I mean had there been mine profile on such website I would have never denied. What's wrong in it afterall? The wrong is to lie, divert and through cross allegations and even then singing songs of professionalism and ethics.



edited for spelling mistakes...
04-02-2009, 01:38 AM,
Dear I am just qouting your words. Calm down when you all got catch. I have also disclosed my age on this forum in past and laernt lesson not to do it again as people like this girl can bed found everywhere.

Secondly she said type Khalid Sipra on google and forgot file is craeted in Khalid Sipra ACCA name.

I am worried as my informations has been used in craeting profile without my premission and it is known as stealing. I am sure ICAP and its members are unware of word stealing and data protection.

Read post number 3 on this page and find out how come person got back to 2007. Its amazing one is on 2007, one 2008, funny. I really think there is nothing wrong if some female is register on shaadi sites. Best of Luck (no names have been used). GOOD LUCK
04-02-2009, 01:46 AM,
I m not going to reply anymore on this topic as rational ppl know what happened here.

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