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UAE - Market Situation
04-02-2009, 02:20 AM,
<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by mroneflower</i>
<br />Dear Admin

This girl with username rabia-k actually using abusive language and its sound she has made profile in my name Khalid Sipra (which is not my correct name as I never gave my correct name or surname on this site) on some Shaadi web site. I strongly advise admin to ban these kinds of people. I can understand she might have soft corner in her heart for a particular member of this forum, but it does not mean she is allowed to start making profiles in my name (which is not my correct name) on Shaadi/marriage web sites. She is crossing limit.

Following link which she has provided is invalid


She is provinding misleading information on this forum.

<font color="red"><b>Moreover when I search Khalid Sipra on Google I found following links</b></font id="red">




Please keep an eye on these kind of people who can try to steal other ID if known.

<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></font id="quote"></blockquote id="quote">

dear all the user mroneflower is blaming me for something which he is repeating himself!! he is pasting marriage links and blaming me!! [D][D]

my question is still unanswered ?
04-02-2009, 02:45 AM,

First of all, I am not in a mood of another debate here that can cause ruining objective of this thread.

Secondly, I am talking about USE of personal information for mischievous and personal defamation purpose, if it is proved in court of Law in result of lawsuit, even if the information is available publicly. However, it needs many other considerations too.

Again, purpose of my post was to let her know to be more cautious in future professional life, specially if she gets a chance to live and work in countries where personal lawsuits are quite common even on very remote personal actions about which usually normal healthy minds which are brought-up in sub-continent or middle eastern countries do not even think that way.

Also, to let her know that sometimes in life, our small unnecessary actions may haunt us back. For example, she appeared on this thread and provided the result of her search, and in return eventually got final warning from Admin, had to apologize, and pledged to be cautious in future.

The very first impression that came into my mind after reading her search related post was that she likely has characteristics for forensic accounting or CFE etc. Or at-least she would be a good auditor. But I held it back cuz I did not want to encourage her to perform unnecessary personal searches and to publish it.

By the way, purpose of this post is not to support any wrongdoing of anyone including myself or mroneflower.

I hope it helps to clarify things.

04-02-2009, 02:45 AM,

Dear Adim

I was not going to post on this topic but above post force me to do it.

I do not know if admin will allow following post but after KamranACA and Rabia-K post it is necessary to mention name in my this post as KamranACA has mentioned dates.

Firstly this little girl calimed she search Khalid Sipra on google and the links come up. <font color="red"><b>i will request all users of serach Khalid Sipra on google and see if following links come up</b></font id="red">


Obviously they will not come up. SO it means she personally went to which she normally visits for herself and obvioulsy put all those details which I disclosed about myself in this forum. It is very easy to see that 100% same details are there which are on this web site even spelling to name are the same. KamranACA said <font color="red">I today visited the webiste you referred where you quoted the login sol-189176. I could not search the date of making this profile since I was not registered on the website. </font id="red">

So he is confirming to check deails one has to registered on the site and this little girl saw all deatils as per her statetemt. So it is confirmed she is register there, INTERESTING. Creation date of profiles which I cannot see, but I take Kamran words that they were created in 2007. As in KamranACA words This profile was for sure registered in 2007.

As it has been alraedy established that this girl is registered on these kind of sites as she an see details because in KamranACA words <font color="red">I could not search the date of making this profile since I was not registered on the website.</font id="red"> SO it also could be possibility (i am saying possibility) that her brother was registered on this site and now she put 100% sames details about me even spelling of name on her brother name. Cause it is established that she is register there as she can see deatils one has to be register and this girl can see details. If she is register then why her brother cannot be registered, why not. She needs to exaplin if she got any brothers.

I understad people lining in UAE for decades still third class inhabitant needs to do these things and that cannot find any one for their daughters. I wish her luck in finding someone there. SO to check deatils one has to be register and she can see details. INTERESTING.

Any way I am going to email geo and i will know who did it.

Admin can see what going on there and how people are stealing others ID. Now it is established that she is registered there and put all these info. Remember KamranACA confirmed that to check detaisl one need to be register and this girl can see details. Let see what Admin does

Dear Admin

I just replied to post which I normally do.
04-02-2009, 03:24 AM,
Dear Toronto_Boy

just leave it. You can see the caliber of these poeple and one who calims to be qualified accountant encorgaing others to use other known (full or paritall) IDS and make profiles on some unkown sites.

These poeple does not know what is meant by using someone (Full or Paritall) ID without premission. Perhaps it common in places where they do live. Anyway it is known as fraud.

click on link below


This girl said <b>little baby has spooked an old man LOL!! for your info searched on google again!!</b> So she advised me to search again Khalid Sipra on google . what does it means that necessary changes have been made in profile (craeted using my ID) so that it comes up in google search. What I can say now.

I will again request to delete profile made using my ID. i shall be extremely grateful. I have nothing else to say.
04-02-2009, 04:55 AM,
Dear All,

We are Masha Allah all muslims and educated enough to take things professionally.

Toronto_Boy was absolutely right while addressing to Rabia-K , but mroneflower you should also not personalize .

If your actual name is not Khalid Sipra then leave the thing as it is , or you can contact admin of that particular site for deletion of the Id(s).

It is in our culture and religion to give respect to others especially females.

Kamran you are the most senior member amongst us , you should proceed and come forward to make things normal.

Best regards

04-02-2009, 05:18 AM,
Dear sumairalam

Its not the point what is my real, full or surname is. Main issue is that all information about myself which I gave on this forum has been used to create a/c on shaadi site. Later this girl also advised me to search for Khalid Sipra again on google. Does it not mean that necessary changes have been made in profile so that it comes up in google search.

I never personally attacked chracter. But this time when limits have been crossed then I did only in one post.

I have also been asked <font color="red">mr khalid how r u? hope ure doing f9. so r u done with impressing " little white chicks" in ure neighbourhood and office? </font id="red">

I hope you will understand my point.

You mentioned females are respected in our society, but they should also behave like females, but this girl crossed limits and made profiles, Rediclous. If I am saying anything wrong plz do let me know.

Thanks for your post.
04-02-2009, 05:46 AM,
Dear Mroneflower,

Yes I understand your view point in this thread , and I also pointed out this thing. Kamran / Toronto_Boy also in various posts remind Rabia.

We all really feel that she should not post particular link. But I still do not agree that she made the profile as there is no valid evidence about that.

But I hope this debate will be end now. We were discussing about UAE market situation , and this will continue.

Best Regards
04-02-2009, 06:09 AM,
Dear sumairalam

Thanks for understanding my view point.

I think, requests for deletion of someone's profile, specially if it is not complete profile or name etc. would not be easily deleted by requested website. It may not be that simple procedure. Moreover, no-one directly encouraged this act of providing link of personal information on this forum, and Admin gave final warning and wrote that without express permission from third party personal information cannot be published on this forum, but still Admin did not delete the post itself. Still it is available for future readers. Also, almost every member who is writing on this issue is repeating links, even though Admin's warning is effective, so unintentionally or intentionally spreading links which is against policy of the forum and Admin's warning. In my personal view, all these posts should be deleted by Admin and posters who repeated these links, if commenting parties really want to act upon "without express opinion". Off-course Khalid has not provided any express opinion in this case.

04-02-2009, 06:19 AM,
Good God, I for one never expected to see things come to this !! (and I am not talking about Dubai/UAE)
04-02-2009, 06:35 AM,
Khalid, what Rabia did was probably due to how you have gone about lampooning her on this forum time and again, although I am not condoning this I think your reaction to it was not only in bad state but quite below the belt. Bringing in family, the place she lives at using 'third rate' labels etc.

I hope and pray that the professional information that you have given on this forum is true.
04-02-2009, 06:36 AM,
Yes Pracs you can see how far this girl can go. Toronto_Boy I agree these links should be deleted by Admin, however as they do not belong to me I therefore do not have any problem. in one link picture of guy is also available. I say it again and strongly recommend that these links should be deleted.

But what could I do when I was asked <font color="red">mr khalid how r u? hope ure doing f9. so r u done with impressing " little white chicks" in ure neighbourhood and office? </font id="red">

And when I was advised to search again on google by chaging details in profiles. She recommended by saying <font color="red">little baby has spooked an old man LOL!! for your info searched on google again!!</font id="red">

If others members of forum think and advise me then I am more than happy to delete these links from my post. I can even delete posts if required. Please do advise.
04-02-2009, 06:39 AM,
Dear Prace

But you cannot see I was said that these links belong to me. I have to say something and someone must craeted these profile. i can assure that it was not me who created these profiles.

I never said anything against this poor girl and on this thraed I even never discussed her. She came up from no where. Infact she has habit of doing these kinds of things. U must have remembered about posts in capital letters etc.

If you think information I gave are incorrect, I have no problem what so ever, however validity of these informations can be checked easily.
04-02-2009, 06:55 AM,
Dear mroneflower

I think you should ask Admin to delete such posts. Also, you can send e-mail to this forum's administrator or webmaster to request to delete all posts where such links are provided or where such websites were discussed by their names. Same request you can send to webmaster and administrator of geo's website where such links were referred. Do not forget to provide reference of all such discussion on this forum to geo webmaster and provide weblinks of this discussion thread too. You may also request them to provide original account holder's information to this's administrator and webmaster to identify the person.

I hope it helps...

04-02-2009, 07:53 AM,
I have alraedy email geo this morning but I did not ask geo to provide details of orginal creator of profiles to admin, which I will do now.

Thanks for your advise.
04-02-2009, 03:07 PM,
Toronto boy i appreciate that you advised me not to repeat this act. i have already made myself clear to the Admin, that i wont repeat such an act again. you simply wasted your own precious time repeating yourself again. please reflect on the following points at issue.

1. the said user (u know who i am referring to) has accepted to using a fake name. using this fake name he has called himself an ACCA, for which he can be held liable in UK. (acting as a fake ACCA member). he hasnt clarified on this point yet.

2. using a fake name he further "claimed" openly on this forum on "signing a contract" with The Institute Of Chartered Accountants of Ireland. when one makes such statements openly on a public forum, he should not create a hue and cry ,when asked for clarification. again he can be held liable for such an act. he hasn tclarified on this issue either.

3. i havent repeated that act again, but the said user is openly requesting others to carry out this act.. read the red bold words highlighted in my previous post.

4. the said user is providing false information regarding an internationl accountancy body ACCA, lying about its number of members. again he can be held liable for it in UK.

5. the link provided ,carries no photographic identity, no contact nos or email addresses or mailing addresss. what can one proove?

6. 2 months back the said user pounced on me for no reason passing remarks like "little girl"( which can be considered a racial r emark when passed to an asian in UK) , when i made a public apology to a senior member of this forum.

You are baised unfortunately, and have failed to see full picture. i am still waiting for my answer to the question in my 3rd post on previous page. i know i will not get an answer but will request for i tagain and again. when the "said" user has made such a claim openly relating to a professional Chartered Accountancy body , he should be ready to testify as well.
is it impossible for a sane mind, to think that this is a case of a "fake being exposed" ? i am not referring to anyone on this forum by "name."

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