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03-07-2009, 03:53 PM
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Hi folks!
You all have been very helpful to others which shows there still are good people in this world ). I want to ask a question regarding the employability of an MBA degree from US. Consider this MBA as one of the worst ones imaginable but with a US tag. I know it might offend a lot of you that I am asking this question as if anything from US is of superior nature. That's not my intention at all. I m just wondering if I apply for a job in Pakistan with an MBA degree from US what will be its weight? I know knowledge wise most of you must be way above even an IV league MBA in US but I want to know what job can I get with zero experience and a crappy MBA degree from the USA.
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03-08-2009, 11:39 PM
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From my understanding of the local Pakistani market, sadly enough but fortunately for you a degree with a foreign tag US, UK is always considered to be one tag over the local kind. If your degree is from a little known US Uni you will still have advantage over fresh graduates from little known Pakistani Unis (read new private Universities) although you may need to get in touch and an understanding of some of the local issues (more important if you are a marketing major, I presume you are going to be a finance major given on accountancy forum). Last but not least Top Pakistani business schools such as LUMS, IBA - Karachi etc. have very good networks (apart from good programs ofcourse) with MNCs and run programs with these companies to have their graduates in management trainee positions, so you may get good competition from them.

There must be other pluses that some one coming with a US MBA has imbibed in things like oratory skills in English and perhaps a US accent and ofcourse your own inter personal skills. And as any MBA student knows the importance of good personal networks, its time to revive them !!

Perhaps more insight and/or correction of the above from people resident in Pakistan
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03-09-2009, 03:59 PM
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Thanks Pracs. I know from the beginning that LUMS and other schools always compete well with other top institutes in the world. Although LUMS curriculum is very much same as everywhere else. MBA books are pretty much same everywhere. The only difference is GMAT and networking. I am ashamed of my MBA but I realized it after I did it. I had this naive perception that a degree is a degree after all, definitely not from IV league, but on a lower scale it will benefit. It all turned out to be a waste of money and time. MBA is so commoditized that it is more or less equal to someone with arts or history major. Above all it's scope is diminishing.
I am thinking of moving back to Pakistan due to heavy MBA market saturation. Can't use this useless diploma anywhere now.
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03-10-2009, 12:05 AM
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Dear Respected Member,

Acceptance of American MBA Degree in Pakistan

Public Sector / Banks / MNCs.

Your MBA degree must be evaluated by HEC ,you must have equivalence certificate from HEC to apply in any of the Public Sector / Banks / MNCs job.

Please note that in Bank / MNC you can get the job on the basis of your practical experience but when MBA degree is the core requirement you must have equivalency degree.

Private Sector

It includes listed / unlisted companies / Pvt etc. Here your English will give you more benefit than your MBA degree. But as Pracs said you will get advantage over fresh graduate from Pakistan ( except graduates from IBA/LUMS).

TIP Get the American business Society details from USA Consulate in Pakistan , apply in all the companies listed there , you will get the good job.

Best of Luck!
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03-15-2009, 04:47 PM
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If you smell something burning it ll be my MBA degree.
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