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CA under Direct Grduate Trainee Scheme?
10-09-2009, 05:46 PM,
CA under Direct Grduate Trainee Scheme?
<font face="Georgia">Salam all,
I have done Bsc with almost 57% marks and now going to appear in ICAP PPT in Dec’2009. Hopefully, after passing it going to enter in CA under the Direct Graduate Trainee Scheme. As you know under this scheme, first I have to join any training organization and with it pass all the exams from Module A-F. I google the relevant information and found that I have to give long hours to my training organization (9-5) and with it I have to do self study. It’s now making me a bit worry and have some queries in mind like;

How difficult CA would become under this scheme?
What would be the exact cost of studies through this scheme?
What would be the value of the stipend from the training organization?
I would be able to take any tuition with my training?
Best college for CA in Islamabad?

If someone already adopted this way and can share his/her experience, then it would be great.
The query is a little long but I tried to explain all the things so I can get the more accurate answers.
I will really appreciate for your responses. Thanks in advance to all the members.</font id="Georgia">
10-09-2009, 08:32 PM,
@ aadi

ur quires r addressed as under

How difficult CA would become under this scheme?
usually CA inter is done with the REATs (takin regular classes), thereby givin all of ur time n effort in passing it within 2 yrs minimum, and then articles on the basis of CA inter in a gud firm thereby givin the rest of modules E n F in that duration. it wud be difficult as even after CA inter, 9-5 duty k baad study is too hard. it wont becum that difficult bt u've to devote all ur time gettin CA done especially till module D

What would be the exact cost of studies through this scheme?
no extra cost, as u can study on ur own, means even without takin any of the classes with any REAT. (it was a condition before to get 80% attendence from the REAT till Mod D)

What would be the value of the stipend from the training organization?
u can visit for stipend rates, after ur CA inter (Mod D), it'd b 6,500 n onwards etc..

I would be able to take any tuition with my training?
its really hard to get tuition within articles as during audit season, u need to do late sittings to get the report finalised..

Best college for CA in Islamabad?
well some of the colleges (in view of my ranking) r as follows

ICAF UOL Building, Blue Area Isb
SKANS F-8 Markaz Isb
SBM Blue Area Isb

bt one more thing, u wont be able to get admit in to big 4 on graduate basis, as big4 now dnt recruit graduates, they prefer ca's and acca's

10-10-2009, 07:08 PM,
Thanks H<font face="Georgia"></font id="Georgia">shamsi for your guidance. I know that it would not become my cup of tea easily and I am willing to give up my all other activities for it. Just a few more queries;

• You know that a BSc student don’t have any accounts related knowledge. So may I get traineeship easily in any firm of Islamabad on the basic of my BSc degree because at that time I would be having only that?
• If I get, then the employer or seniors in the firm guide me how to work or they will exaggerate on me?
• From the existing articles I found that ICAP modules can only be passed as a whole. It means if you miss one paper then you have to take the whole module again.
• Where I can get the study resources for preparaion?
• And also what you are doing these days?

To take a step forward, I want to know all the things. I really appreciate for you last response and Thanks in advance.
10-14-2009, 07:50 PM,
@ aadi

1- yes u may get articleship in any gud firm in Isb, bt big 4 wont be an easy bite ( as they dnt recruit graduates, either ca inter / acca or mba's r preferable)

2- politics is everywhr.. juniors 've to face many things.. things'll settle, u 'll get used to it, its nt a big deal

3- thr is no requirement for gettin icap modules passed once.. papers passed r permanent credits, u get further as u pass thm.. (no need to take whole module again)

4- u can get study sylabus from icap website, the recommended material is all txt books of pbp available at gud book shop chic bazar saddar rwp n I-8 Isb.. n m currently doin my articlz.. (i recommend u to join sm REAT, rest the choice is urz)

10-15-2009, 03:05 PM,
frnds i have some queries plz ans them

1) for direct training program is it necessary to be registered with icap

2) i hav done BBA hons with finance specilization can i get some exemption in courses of module

3) i m in a multan is there any reputed auditing firm where i can start my training program and i heared about the org that they normaly hiered ca inter, acca, people ?? can i get chance in a firm for articalship

4) my last qs is what would be the cost of direct training progream and registration? thanks
10-15-2009, 08:06 PM,
Thanks for providing me the valuable info.
I know that RAET is very important but you already know that with direct scheme i cannot register.
Just have a look at the following post;

It shows the behaviour of the firms with graduates is worrysome.
Do you recommend any training firms(Excluding Big4) in isb/rwp where i can register easily? &
I would be able to get the stipund(6500) as i joined?
What if they ask me to sign a contract?

Best wishes,
AADI<font face="Verdana"></font id="Verdana">
11-05-2009, 04:58 AM,
AADi i did the same as you r gonna do, the direct graduate scheme
its too much difficult to study with articleshp, i am in Anjum Asim Shahid Rehman Islamabad, n nw after 1 year i cleared CA foundation but it was soo tough for me, i knw that
so i advice think again on it
11-13-2009, 07:56 AM,
some more question to the list
1) if student failed in module E or F after the training period of 3 or 3.5 years, what will happen?
2) If a student leaves the CA and opts for ACCA or other degree, would passing subjects and articleship adds to his credit? (either for ACCA he has to do articleship from stratch?)
3) Kindly list some good audit firms (off course not big 4) in lahore. when they induct new students for articleship?

kindly reply
11-14-2009, 02:20 AM,
No one here to answer?

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