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11-20-2009, 07:08 AM,
Sallam To All....

My name is Shaikh shumail, m 18 & doing I.Com from Government Premier College in Karachi.
Before coming towards my topic I want to tell a bit about my self so that it would be helpful for u all to give me any advice.....
I consider my self a very good student, my basics regarding any subject is and was very strong from the beginning..How ever i m very bad in writing i always gain around 80 to 100% marks in which i m interested but over all i have always failed to carry a good weak points are urdu & islamiat....i m extremely good in accounting, economics, banking & rest of my specialized subjects....
I belong to a very respectable family however we are not very sound financially....
I've always wanted to work & earn money for my studies so that lack of financial stability could not be the reason for my failer in life....
I want to start CA right after I complete my I.Com.....
I want to know how much it will cost?? CA!
& will it be safe for me for my future....I mean scope of CA in Pakistan bcuz i cant even think of going any other place....
My father earns hardly 20,000/month so u all could imagimne how tough & harsh life could be some times.....

I really believe in my self that if I would start CA I will finish it on good notes.....

Hope to see some useful advices soon....

11-20-2009, 06:32 PM,

Dear Shumail,

Lower earnings make the life tough sometimes but certainly (as you mentioned) have no bearing to the respectable status of a family. I appreciate your straightforwardness and I believe you will get to reach your destination if you are sincere with your future and family. Let me tell you, there is no other way to part with the social/financial differences, and/or uplift the family's financial position. This can only be achieved if the sons of the family are sincere in their education and have the intent, fortitude and craze of doing so.

All my best wishes and prayers are with the gems like you. Be God with you as well.

As you have already adopted commerce as your field so it is needless to say that you should opt for CA specifically in the circumstances you mentioned. However, studying in RAETS (authorized colleges) may not be feasible for you due to financial constraints. It's very nice of ICAP to remove the hardship by revising the by-laws whereby now you are not bound to take up the classes in any RAET for doing your CA modules 'A' to 'D' that was previously a condition.

If you are upto it and can work hard and can pursue the education at your own, you can certainly do it without getting admission in any RAET which certainly means to reduce the expected financial burden to a larger most extent.

Other costs of doing CA may also be felt on higher side but certainly would be in manageable limits. These include books, study materials, time, exam registration fees (insignificant) and paper appearing fee (not that material) etc. You can get photocopies of study materials (from some friends) to save the cost, use libraries, and internet for this purpose and also keep the inquisitive approach alive whenever you meet fellow students and seniors to probe in the areas where you find stress. Finding out a study mate for combine study may also be helpful.

As far as CA's demand/future is concerned, specially if you have to stay here, don't carry any illusions and whims for it. You would certainly be among the most wanted ones once you achieve your target.

Always keep your objectives and anticipations high and always do all the possible and impossible positive efforts to achieve them.

Best regards,

11-21-2009, 12:07 AM,
First of all thanks alot for your time....

I may have misunderstud it so I beter ask it....What do u mean by not joinning a RAET...
Does that means I will be on my own to study?? & just have to register my self from ICMAP...
& what would be the exact feagure for it...for both study in a RAET & the other option mentioned....

Thanks ones again....This will realy help me in making a correct decesion....
11-21-2009, 12:36 PM,
RAET stands for Registered Accounting Education Tutors and for coaching they usually charge very high fees.
Have a look for an estimation of fee they charge
Rs 135000 from module A to D is just RAET charges (if you passed at 1st attempt and no revision plans)
11-21-2009, 05:54 PM,

Bashir has given you required info. Just to correct you, it is ICAP and not ICMAP if you are talking about CA.

Previously (for HSC based students, as you are) studying at a RAET was mandatory for appearing in Moduler scheme from module A to D of ICAP examinations. Now, this condition has been removed.

You will only be required to get registered with ICAP as a private student which expectedly will entail a nominal fee of few thousand rupees only. You can study at your own for each module and can get yourself registered for each exam at the due time by paying papers fee which will also not be that significant.

I suggest you to visit and also to visit ICAP offfice if you are at Karachi or ICAP's regional offices if you are at some other location to get the further detailed info.



12-19-2009, 11:27 AM,

Kamran Bhai, Is it right to Study Module A & B together for Commerce Student after getting expemtion in Economics & English on Intermiate Basis?

Looking forward for your reply
Salman Yousuf
12-20-2009, 06:11 PM,

I m Still waiting 4 ur reply
12-21-2009, 05:39 PM,

It depends upon one's knowledge base and studying habits.

I personally believe that if some one has done his B.Com in the way it should be done, and he has the required knowledge base and maturity, the first two modules of CA should not create problem for him.

However, before taking such decision one must make a fair analysis of his ownself. Certainly over-estimation is advisable to be avoided.


12-22-2009, 12:56 AM,

Kamran Bhai, I m talking about a Student who has just completed his 12th Grade with extremely gud grades & has availed expemtion in Economics & English.

Should he take this opportunity of Studying Module A & B together.

Looking forward 4 ur reply
Salman Yousuf
12-22-2009, 01:10 AM,
I think there is no harm.


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