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Advantages of Single Member Companies
12-02-2010, 09:54 PM,
Noman and Nauman

For knowing the whole lot of crimes he committed (I mean Khalid Sipra, moroneflower, moroneflower1, MasudCA, Emperor and many more user names), you need to visit so many threads of the forum.

He has done a number of things discreditable to a professional (even those which are deemed to be crime), has committed a number of serious breaches of forum rules repeatedly, has publicly abused/threatened the female members of the forum, has sent many e-mails to such members through forum options containing the stuff representative of his immense turpitude of moral values, used to crack jokes and use derogatory words for his own country and his own people simply because of his own failures… forth and so on.

He was merely a student of ACCA (at that time; year 2006 perhaps) and kept on claiming to be an ACCA Member, a Chartered Accountant from Scotland and God knows what else. Here on this forum his every lie was publicly proved with all evidences.

The ones who know the history of this forum are aware of his deeds and acts. The sufficient evidence is that, he has been thrown out of the forum by the moderators for at least 5-6 times or even more and his so many posts have been removed from the forum considering against the professional and civil values.

His negative comments about me speak out that there was a contribution from me to prove his heaps of lies and to show his face publicly.


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