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kamran bhai plz guide me !
01-24-2010, 08:47 PM
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kamran bhai plz guide me !
A.A kamran sir
i m an ACCA ,complete ACCA looks for jobs or Artcles

several questions & confusions in mind being mentor & professinal
i think u can redress these questions better as this is my 2nd post for u as ist not redress by u,as these confusion in several student minds & they can also benefit for ur reply ,i classify questions
in numbers for ur convenience for focussed answers;i know its
quite lenghty post u may give short focusses answers

1. sir after ACCA there are two options for trainees like me
first to go to corporate sector like ICI,packages or finacial
institutions like banks for training
2nd option to go for articles for three years like big 4 A.F.F
or EY or other firms as some says that even after articles
in big 4 u u have to find job so better iz to go for job
directly after ACCA ? so what are merits & demerits of these

let me practically explain i apply in nestle For entry level
financial Analyst post & at same time i apply for Articles
in A.F.f Or Kpmg so simply i m confused which iz my track to start
sir for ACCA what would u recommend what r ur point view that
who is more in scope from career & job view after that 3 years
of training in these 2 options

2. sir in Pakistan as i experience to grow u have to do ICAP
articles if i do ICAP articles along ACCA but in that 3 year
perid i unable to complete ICAP study portion but comlete
articles would ihave same worth if i just do ACCA articles
or more than that ACCA even not completed CA study
as in interview with A.F.F senior manager he says
every body has not calliber to do CA so u have to go to
industry in if u want to enter in A.FF u have to complete
CA otherwise u r worthless?one chartered accountant
working AS finance manager tell me still for chartered accountants
at present time jobs rare..

3.if ICAP/ACCA articles is started with
big 4 or five with 2nd tier ,then have we
are enough effective to get decent jobs or to start decent
career.. sir if aim is after ACCA complete 3 year training from firms
aim is to get reasenable job not to open own firm still
icap articles enhance career prospect of job ?

4..After ACCA if to start ICAEW rather than ICAP
which many firms like KPMG provide to trainees internally
how u make think of ICAP & ICAEW from career
point of view ...AFter ACCA if ICAP not started & ICAEW
ARTICLES iz any job prospect enhance to start ICAEW
after ACCA..

5..there is 2 general perception that after ACCA more
appropriate to do CFA than CA,because CFA is much bigger
degree than CA because CA & ACCA is same study but
in CFA provide diversity in degree & its provide
much earning than EVen ICAP
2nd perception that CA relate to all fields but
CFA not like in chemical industry CA may relevant
role but CFA not u make think after ACCA of
CFA& ICAP in terms of career scope

thanks for your precious time consumption

anxiously waits for reply
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01-24-2010, 09:14 PM
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You should now go for Masters in Biology / Masters in zoology.
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01-25-2010, 12:13 PM
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Well you clearly look preety confused!!

Ok here is my advice

1)After ACCA do articles; (but try to get in one of the ATOs)
2)Go for ACA(ICAEW) through exemptions;
3)If you still have some stamina left then go for CFA or CPA.

Hope it helps.[)]

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01-25-2010, 07:38 PM
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You cannot get any better training in Pakistan than the quality professional firms. Reasons are enormous but the most important factor is that in firms you get rotated on various clients, roam around almost all important sectors of industries, learn quite variant issues that are normally out of the frame for the ones who are in industry in a specific department, meet a wide range of people and learn how to deal with such diversified mindsets, learn to manage people and produce result oriented team work, experience cultural and social differences and learn how to behave in each of the given situations, and many more. You will even be working with different managers and directors and partners at your firm and will be able to deduce a lot for your benefit from each one’s exposure and experience.

In contrast, at industry typically you will be given a specified job, in a specified function or department, reporting to a specified official. There would be very meager rotation. The most important missing element in industry is delegation of work and confidence. The firm trusts in you once you are up to it and makes you a leader over the time span of 2-3 years. In industry, you will hardly be trusted unless you have been inducted as an employee; you have gotten promotions and are yourself on such a worthy post. You will always remain the sub-ordinate and will no where be delegated the confidence and independent work for taking your own decisions suitable in the circumstances. Due to this, you will not be getting that level of exposure and confidence and decision making powers developed in you as much you can develop and polish in a firm.

The only benefit which may be embedding in a particular training arrangement at industry can be of some job assurance after completion of training tenure. However, this is also not a must in most of the cases. Further, if you have been well trained in a good professional firm you will be introduced to lot more industries, people, executives which will open a lot more avenues for you to secure a job.

it may also be advised that if at the outset you get some good job (and not merely training) on the basis of being affiliate, you may consider industry a better option against the firm. But it will again depend upon your financial strength, your objective and future vision.


Every one has his views and carry basis for having such views. You yourself have to analyze what suits you most and what you are up to. Of course in Pakistan ACCA is far lesser in demand than CA is. Still this does not mean you will not get good jobs on the basis of your ACCA provided you have a good structured training and you have in fact learnt the required things and exposure during such training. I mean the training period has not been lost in fun making activities only. If you can do CA from ICAP, it will produce best Pakistan specific results. However, you have to assess what you can do or not do. I have a lot of examples where ACCA with Big 4 training have been well accepted in Pakistan.

As far as jobs are concerned, its decrease is in line with international situation as well as consistent with the particular political unrest at our country. We are getting short in every resource be it water, power, food, foreign investment, local saving, expansion, space, tolerance, peace, wisdom, vision, character, honesty or whatever. It is not very much specific to CAs or commerce professionals. You will witness it every where. If, due to our ill deeds, our lands become affected and deny growing food crops, the severe shortage of food will have nothing to do with any profession or specialty. It will cause hunger to every one. This may appear a joke at the moment but let me tell you all that this is gonna happen very soon. The year 2015-2016 is the year of severe food shortage world-wide. I am telling you all in advance. So, these error are on some other front. Once it will be corrected, every thing will start coming to the right place. Provided other things are good going, demand for CAs in Pakistan will remain as it is for at least 30-50 next years; otherwise the most important question would be of our existence and not of which profession carries more job opportunities.


The question is not merely of articles of ICAP. Rather, it is of qualification as CA. If you are not CA qualified and have its training, it does not carry promising return. So, if you don’t aim to do CA, then training of three years for ACCA is fine. There is no doubt that Big 4 is a best choice specially PWC, but middle tier firms having quality systems may also be nice, if you are not inducted in Big 4.


Every available opportunity has some trade off with the other. Likewise ICAEW and ICAP are equally good but have little trade offs. ICAEW is better if you want to shift out of Pakistan but if you want to be here in Pakistan and specifically engage in practice then ICAP is a must. I am also of the view that the guys who will get ICAEW’s ACA at Pakistan (without getting UK based training and study) will never be preferred over ICAP members locally.

However, for an ACCA, it will definitely increase the worth since ICAP’s membership would be available on the basis of ICAEW with all features except of permission to engage in practice.


CFA is a very quality designation/qualification (not degree) of course; but who told you that it is bigger than CA and how such big-ness is evaluated? It’s funny. However, let me tell you that CFA is a quite specific designation. Currently, its localized demand is not bad regardless of the deteriorated situation of investment companies, banks, mutual funds and stock exchanges (money and capital markets and investment flow). Still, being very specific it cannot fetch you more jobs or opportunities in terms of number as you will get being CA.

I don’t feel odd if you wish to do CFA for improving yourself or for diversifying your knowledge and exposure or at least for specializing in a specific field. It’s all about your own liking and choice. It will definitely bring nice results provided it is not messed up.

I hope all of the queries have been replied.


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02-08-2010, 05:33 AM
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No response?
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02-08-2010, 04:04 PM
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Although the questions were for kamran bhai, i would like to put some points here
=> ACCA is accepted in multinational companies here in Pakistan. I have seen many advertisements of this kind
If you want to stay in Pakistan then do C.A, otherwise i would recommend to do ICAEW training in Pakistan
=> CFA is a very specialised designation and is tough. You can't compare C.A or ACCA with CFA. CFA has alot of scope and financial analysts are in demand. You can checkout salary surveys to compare salaries
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02-15-2010, 12:31 AM
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kamran bhai first of all thanks alot for ur answer really
highlight and redress all issues ,but still some confusion still in my mind,
not from ur side u redress all issues better but my mind distracted let me
compose question hope u ll give answer
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02-15-2010, 01:54 AM
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Go ahead, put forward your questions
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