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Zaid Hamid Escaping
11-29-2010, 06:11 PM
Post: #181
If your question is directed towards Ghamidi sb's conclusion on Sufi-ism; I would say that Ghamidi is a person of knowledge and exposure and his views have all the weightage and importance.

I also understand that no body is perfect in knowledge and a human being in whatever capacity he is, can commit mistakes.

If we read Tafseer Ibn-e-Kaseer, we find that Imam (Rehmatullah Aleh) largely avoided imposing his own views on the readers. Instead, he produced all the worthy and reliable inputs on the matters explained and left the conclusion on the wisdom of the readers. This is what makes me to love his Tafseer. In many cases, I have witnessed that Ghamidi sb also follows somewhat similar practice. He explains various things, those which provide support to his stance as well as those which go against his own stance (and even those due to which people doubt on his personality) and let the listeners take their final conclusion.

Like-wise, he has given his views, which are of course his personalized stance, and has left the conclusion on listeners; the listenrs include you and me as well, so we all are supposed to have free will to follow what appears more satisfactory to our minds.

Over the time I learnt that we should avoid going beyond limits while explaining the matters or our own point of view; specially on the issues which are not against the existence of humanity or good human values (I delibrately avoided using the word "religious values").

Because, only Allah knows the best.

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