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Zaid Hamid Escaping
03-12-2010, 04:47 AM
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Janaab e Aali(everyone), kindly don't argue in this way by using words like "parrot". Everyone can have difference of opinion, which should be respected
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03-12-2010, 01:31 PM
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Hi Kamran,

I agree that some people can never understand and sometime they understand but reject things intentionally. Very few people know that Abu Jahl was one of the key critics of literature at that point of time but still he was Abu Jahl, because he rejected “Risalat of the Prophet” knowingly and willingly. Our job is to deliver the truth; acceptance or rejection is everyone choice. I am an ordinary man, even prophets could not make people understand and their nations destroyed by the curse of Allah the Almighty. We are fortunate that we are Umah of the Prophet so we have not been destroyed, but we have been indulged in the slavery of other nations.

History is the best teacher so once again I would like to open the window of the history. When Ganges Khan invaded Baghdad and started slaughtering Muslims, these so called Ulma were having Manazaras and discussing that how many angels could sit on the top of a needle? When Halako Khan invaded Baghdad and massacred Muslims, an old lady stopped her horse and said, you are brutal and there would be curse of Allah on you. Halako said, oh lady, in fact your Khalifa was brutal, and I am the curse your Allah promised with you.

When Tamoor Lang conquered IsPhahan, he issued a general amnesty for those who won’t fight. One emotional iron smith delivered an emotional speech and gathered a few hundred people who started fighting with Tamoor’s army. As a result some 130,000 people were massacred because of his stupidity. This is one of the greatest massacres of the history. Don’t go too far, in 2001 Sofi Muhammad gathered thousands of tribal people in the name of Islam and left for Kabul to help Talibans. When Northern Alliance entered into Kabul, Talibans left these helpers sleeping and fled from Kabul. The next morning, Northern Alliance killed thousands of our tribal people.

I would ask these emotional people, YAR INDIA KAY CHAKAR MAIN MARWA MAAT DANA.

As far as stanza is concerned, it is really misfortunate that some people don’t understand poetry. I would conclude on another comic stanza,

Khila kar bhunay titar jan dali tanay murda main
Terae hotel ka bara Ibn-e-Marium hua jata hay

It doesn’t mean that bara has been Jesus, it means that he has got such qualities.

@Dard, Kamran is right. If people don't use their mind and speak someone else words are called parrots. Yae totay woh hi boltay hain jo rataya jata hay.


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03-12-2010, 10:44 PM
Post: #78

Parrot is not to be taken in the meaning of parrots as "bara" cannot be considered Iban-e-Maryam.

It is a symbolic word and means what have been explained by GreatKhans.

When you see people declaring each other as "kaafir" or non-muslim or provoking others to do so; when you see people looting own shops and firing own properties for something filthy done by Denmark; when you see people writing indecent unproven stuff about others and yet talking about "self respect"; and when you see people discussing how many angels can sit on a needle then remember you are seeing "parrots".

I hope you will understand.


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03-13-2010, 03:34 PM
Post: #79
I don't want to use any harsh word on this thread where Ahadees are quoted. I never give value to personal attacks issues are more important for me. If one thinks that I am discussing non-issues then he or she should not contribute on this non-issue. Why they are increasing value of a non-issue by continuous posting of long replies. I am responsible for my own acts no one should take care of my acts. I will never permit to anyone to interfere in my core personal matters it is my headache that how much time I take to qualify ICMA. As far as the authenticity of material posted by me against zaid Hamid is concerned I think it is authentic and valid and don’t have any need to get certificate of its authenticity from anyone.

As far as the self respect of Zaid Hamid is concerned see his recent videos in which he used very rough language against our Religious Scholars and Ulemas. He categorically used the term of “Do
Takkay K Maulvi” for Ulema. Finally I don’t want to enter in any battle of words I have respect for every member of the forum and expect same from other members.
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03-13-2010, 03:36 PM
Post: #80
<font color="black"><b>On Thursday March 11, 2010 Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri, along with his son and son-in -law, killed by some terrorists in Karachi.
(Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Elehe Rajeoon)
He was coming back from mosque. He was the leader of Aalmi Majlise Thafuzze Khatme Nabuwat. May Almighty Allah shower his countless blessings on Maulana Saeed Ahmed. He gave the replies to religious queries of people in “Daily Jang”in column entitled as “Apke Masail Aur Unka Hal”. Before his death he gave the answer of allegation put on him by Zaid Hamid. He said that he is ready to go in any court on reopening of the case of Yousuf Kazzab.

Awais Aftab
</b></font id="black">
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03-13-2010, 07:46 PM
Post: #81

I don't wish to probe for which Maulvis, Zaid Hamid said "do takkay kay maulvi", but am sure that there are a number of Maulvis who may fall in such category. That’s what has been named as fish market stuff by one of our fellows. However, I feel such "Do Takkas" are not a worth in such a period of high inflation. It may be two thousand takkas (or more) at least in current scenario.

Every sort of people can be found in every group and category and considering that some of the Maulvis may also be affected by the social evils is not a Taboo. Certainly they are also common human beings. However, defaming some one “BY NAME” is illicit, critical, unjust, soiled, and beyond the moral values unless there is a proven material and unless if the person being defamed has his-self provoked some one to do so.

Certainly we are not discussing noble people of Allah (including Ulemas) who are not finding their livelihood by using the name of Islam. Certainly we are also not a judge to any ones’ faith, character, or belief. This is what this whole thread has been endeavoring to prove and this is what “parrots” don’t understand.

BTW no one mentioned anything specifically about ICMA (which I hope is not an abbreviation used for any qualification in the world) with reference to any forum member on this thread. Is it some chore ke daarhi main tinka sort of issue?

When some one feels that “he is responsible for his acts”, he should learn and understand that “every one” including Zaid Hamid is also responsible for his acts and no one allowed such “some one” to post derogatory stuff about any one merely on the basis of unproven allegations. I wonder why people (may be of “do takkas or more) ignore the fact that they are neither a judge on any one, nor an authority to “call for explanations” from any one. If they have complaint for anything they can register their complaint with law enforcers. Any thing to the contrary is Jahalat; is destructive; and is aimed at taking of laws in hand, and provokes the people for unrest and destabilization of society. This has continuously been deteriorating the mankind generally and our religion and cause specifically. We must learn to be a disciplined, literate, enlightened, and focused nation without losing our cause and our faith; and there are very logical and moral modalities to do so. The teachings of Holy Quran, Ahaadees and Uswa-e-Hasna are collectively a best light which can show us the righteous path and a best treasure which we have for all the times. Muslims should be the most learned and logical among all the religions and all the nations. Alas, at the moment this is not the case; and a sheer example of this we can also see at this thread merely by reading some of the initial senseless posts.

A nice question; why lengthy posts are submitted to the forum? The ICMA fellow (which I hope is not a designation or qualification any where) should understand that it is not his importance that makes the others to do so. If he wishes to get relieved of continuous replies, he should do the needful. Otherwise this is a public forum and this carries all the meanings which I don’t wish to explain at the moment. If need will arise, I will deliberate it as well to the extent of my understanding.


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03-14-2010, 01:05 AM
Post: #82
I know what parrots in this context meant
If this Zaid Hamid is the same person who SUPPORTED that guy who claimed naboowat, then he should have been punished right away!!!
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03-14-2010, 04:05 AM
Post: #83
Just want to share a piece of information.

According to Today’s edition of Dawn, Mr. Zaid Hamid has been nominated in murder of Mr.Saeed jalalpuri. FIR is registered by his followers.

Needless to say this will enhance his popularity and will get more media coverage.
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03-14-2010, 04:33 AM
Post: #84

We are not a judge to "ifs" and "buts"; and we are not morally permitted to impose such allegations on a person who openly accepts Khatam-e-nabuwwat.

We are also not carrying any authority to ask for "explanations" and "decide" any one's case.

If any of us has any complaint he should do what is required from a responsible citizen instead of defaming any one without a solid reason. A sincere and desciplined citizen should forward/register his complaint about any one at right forum and right level taking the support of law.

Yousaff Kazzaab's claims don't make every one punishable who had have any link with him. A man is responsible for his own deeds; and his friends circle, his relataives and siblings or others cannot be punished merely for the reason of such deeds. If this is done, this would be most unjust and inhuman act.

Zaid, what I know, has never advocated any false prophet claimant in such a capacity and for such a claim. And he has openly told every one that he has fullest belief on Khaatam-al-Anbiyaa P.B.U.H. So, it is shameful to allege a muslim in this way.

We know conspiracies have never left our nation; and it is quite customery to raise such an issue to defame any one specially the one who wishes to stand against the "customery" mullah mindset (that is called parrots). The public that follows such created mobs are real idiots. Such idiots have even killed a Hafiz-e-Quran merely for doubted blasphemy that was in fact unproven and a baseless allegation. Such idiots fire out police stations and national assets as has been done recently at Faisalabad. Such idiots rob our own peoples shops when Denmark acts something soiled. So it's imperative to discourage such destructive approach

Majority of blasphemy cases in Pakistan are malicious, ficticious and based upon personal issues. No one ever comes forward to hang the ones who make false allegations. This is what actually happens.

You know this Zaid Hamid (who is over ambitious and over excited) has called some Mullahs as "do takkay kay maulvi", so "parrots" were quite expected to dig out some burried skeltons, modify them for their own cause and after mispainting prove to Zaid that "you see what we are and what we can do".

These parrots are too harmful and dangerous. They are habitual of declaring every one as "Kaafir" (not even "non-muslim", rather "kaafir") who opposes their idiotic mentality. Pakistan has lead to a situation (where we are) simply because nation has always thought them to be a ray of hope.

May Allah save every one from "sharr" and keep every one in his greatest "panah".


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03-14-2010, 04:40 AM
Post: #85
As already mentioned i am no fan of Zaid Hamid infact on the contrary i consider him as a person suffering from psychological disorder. But i have found some thing on internet which seems relevant to the subject of this thread so i am pasting the information below.

Dr Israr Ahmed’s statement on “Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid” as reported BY ZAID'S WEB-SITE


“We appreciate their support for the cause of Khilafate Rashida and Riba free economy. We also respect their opinion on our Natioanl Security Strategy policy and our strategy to carry this mission forward. We truly appreciate their sincere and clear stance on these issues.”

Dr Israr Ahmed’s Actual Press Release


I will only translate bits as I am very busy but if someone wants a FULL VERBATIM TRANSLATION it can be arranged…

Zaid Hamid Saheb met Dr Israr Ahmed and his views on the future of Pakistan and resurgence of Islam were appreciated by Dr Israr Ahmed. Shortly thereafter there was a convention on “India’s aggressive stance and the role of UN Security Council” in which Zaid Hamid was also invited.

After the convention it was brought to our attention that Zaid Hamid’s personality is dubious because of his links with Yusuf Khadaab and the court case in which Yusuf Khadaab (Yusuf, the Liar) was awarded the death penalty was brought to our attention, we were unaware of it previously.

When Zaid Hamid Saheb was originally queried about the matter he initially denied all links but afterwards his views came to light that there were many lies attributed to (Yusuf, the Liar) which were not true BUT Zaid Hamid denied any knowledge and connection of his ideologies which he held in his last days.

To us, if a Muslim repents of his previous thoughts and also announces his dissociation with the person who espoused and propagated these false ideologies then such a person should be willingly accepted as a member of the Islamic Ummah BUT his ideas and thoughts SHOULD BE JUDGED according to the Qur’aan and the Sunnah for the foreseeable future. In order to ascertain the present thoughts and ideologies of Zaid Hamid a delegation from Tanzeem-e-Islami met him and he clearly said

1) He believes in the Finality of the Prophethood of Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) an curses all claimants to Prophethood

2) Furthermore , curse of Allah (SWT) be upon those are guilty of blasphemy upon Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam)

3) He had associations with “Yusuf Ali” but he disassociates himself from the beliefs and ideologies of Yusuf Ali’s last days

Our delegation requested him that he should clearly pronounce and publicise his three statements on his website and his FACEBOOK page and he accepted the reasons for it. If he does we will be grateful.

We would like to ABSOLUTELY MAKE IT CLEAR that as far Zaid Hamid’s views are concerned on establishment of Khilafah, prohibition of Interest/Usury, US/Hindu/Zionist agendas we generally agree with him.

But we disagree with the Pakistani Government policies adopted after 9/11, Lal Masid/Jamia Hafsa (Military) operation, Swat/Malakand/Tribal (Military) operation and we consider them extremely serious and deadly for Islam and Pakistan and we also disagree with the mixed gatherings and consider them to be at odds with the demands and requirements of Islamic Shariah.
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03-15-2010, 07:52 AM
Post: #86
Zaid Hamid condemns the murder of Maulana Sayeed Ahmed Jalalpuri.


Dr. Israr Ahmed sets the record straight regarding Zaid Hamid.

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03-15-2010, 09:44 PM
Post: #87
Yousuf Kazzab's case have 2 aspects first is legal and second is Sharayee
The books and records which I have been continuously consulting to examine linkage between Zaid Hamid and Yousuf Kazzab is as follows

Sr. Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan
2. Rehber k Roop Main Rehzan by Maulan Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri Shaheed
(In this books he quoted statement of Maulana Ismail Shujabadi that Zaid Hamid had been appearing in court in almost all legal proceedings of Blasphemy case of Yousuf Kazzab. Maulana Ismail was a party in the case and the case was filled by him against yousuf Kazzab. He is eye witness of the fact that Zaid Hamid was supporter of Yousuf Kazzab.)
3.Fitne Yousuf Kazzab by Arshad Qureshi (Arshad Quraishi was an ex-mureed of Yusuf Kazab and due to this association he knew all the important characters of this Fitna including Zaid Hamid on a personal level. Arshad Quraishi later converted back to Islam and did Tauba and then started the struggle against this false prophet)
4. Audio recording of the yousuf Kazzab which is available on following link

This recording is valid proof because it was the part of legal proceeding and record of court in Yusuf Kazzab’s Blasphemy case
Dear fellows just here the audio recording two times you will find a resemblance in the voice of Zaid Hamid and the person who is being introduced by yousuf Kazzab as SAHABI (Naauzu Billah Min Zalik). Just focus on the style of pronouncing the words S.A.W.
Besides all this material Zaid Hamid has accepted his link with yousuf Kazzab.
The above books were written almost one decade ago but in these books we find name of Zaid Hamid at many places. So no one can say that name of zaid Hamid was induced to exploit him. At that time no one knows about Zaid Zaman Hamid.
Hence the blasphemy case of Yousuf Kazzab has both legal and Sharayee aspects so the books written by a religious scholars and a senior advocate of supreme court provide enough evidence to prove link between yousuf Kazzab and Zaid Hamid . Beside it all Maulana Isamaeel Shujabadi is the eye witness of the facts that Zaid Hamid was supporter of Yousuf Kazzab and appeared at each hearing with Yousuf Kazzab.
Now in the availability of such a huge material and the statements of zaid Hamid in which he accepts his link with Yousuf Kazzab if some one says that I wrote this thread without any evidence then it is not reasonable and beyond the facts

Hence the link of Yousuf Kazzab and Zaid Hamid is obvious so it was necessary to bring his past before people. If anyone has been remained follower of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani and who starts delivering speeches and lectures in media then it will necessary to get explanation from him regarding his past.

Zaid Hamid had been denying his link with Yousuf Kazzab until after great criticize he disclosed the fact to some of his followers but advised them don’t to say anything about it. But despite his advice a second year student of medical who was present at the moment recorded all the film or story and uploaded the same on You Tube. After this incident the student was bitterly threatened by zaid Hamid and his supporters.This incident and uploading did not leave anyway for Zaid Hamid to accept his link with Yousuf Kazzab.

What were the hidden aims of zaid Hamid this is only known by Allah or Zaid Hamid.

An indecent question was raised regarding the authority of Ulemas to get explanation from Zaid Hamid .

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) ka irshad ha K Ulema Deen K waris Hain

Today the authority of ulema of the time is challenged by some people on tomorrow some gentleman will ask about the authority of the Ulema , who ran anti qadiani movement . After some time some other person, eager to develop friendly relation with Bhatat Mata, will ask very innocently that why Hazrat Mujadid Alfe Sani challenged “Deen-e-Ilahi”

Dear fellows jis trah ek medical k maslay pe bolnay ka haq ek doctor ko ha ek qanooni masle ki tasrih ek mahir wakeel ya judge ker sakta ha isi tarah sharyee aur deeni masail kee tasrih ka haq sirf ulema ko ha. Jis trah ek mariz ka ek medical ki book parh k doctor se behas kerna bewaqoofi ha, ek eise shakhs ka jo engineer na ho kisi engineer se engineering ke kisi masle main ulajhna nadani ha isi trah hamara deen k mamlat main ray zani kerna kam ilmi ha.
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03-16-2010, 08:48 PM
Post: #88
A great piece of dubious, confused and illiterate work.

The poster does not recognize the difference of his baseless allegations on a man (who openly expresses his fullest faith and has proven it to some of real Ulemas as well) with the anti-qadiyani tehreek.

I believe this whole drama is played to defame Zaid and to take avenge of "do takkay kay maulvi" spoken by him. One fails to understand that FAITH is a matter between Abad and Allah; it has no linkage with a case where some one Naoozbillah makes fictitious claim of Prophet-hood or the one who openly follows him and practice what such person asks to. As far as such a case is concerned, necessary steps may be required; BUT not at the end of street hysterical and illiterate maulvis; rather, by law makers and law enforcers. (From maulvis I don’t mean noble people of Allah).

The case being referred about Qadiyanis has already been discussed at length (on other threads). ………[Mujhay pata thaa yeh bhaag kar isi mislay ke example day ga because I knew his mental level.}……… Our problem is that, we don’t know the facts and base our knowledge on one sided view point. I am and was of clear view that it was an achievement of Bhutto who represented the elected LAW MAKERS. It was by no way an achievement of Mullahs or street wanderers. If some one wants to know what exactly the situation of Ulemas was during the proceedings at NA and at the time when they were called to express their views at NA, he should study the factual proceedings of the NA or some reliable unbiased material. Every muslim sect, at that time, was non-muslim (Naoozbillah) as per definition provided by other sect; so Qadiyanis were almost left intact by the Ulemas and a new debate was started. Ulemas could not even agree to offer their prayer behind a single imam during such proceedings. Unfortunately it is our written and recorded history. There was a huge gap in the definition of “Muslim” finalized by every one. There is a long detail and I know I am dealing with some literally illiterate. It was the wisdom, forbearance, understanding of the legal issues and methodologies and leadership abilities of Z.A. Bhutto which rescued the dwindling vessel of our Ulemas, saved the nation from anarchy and which eventually succeeded in providing a solution. Every one can study it in depth and come to some unbiased conclusion.

I only credit Z. A. Bhutto for this milestone; and this is not a baseless credit. So, like civilized nations the matter was resolved by Law Makers and Law Enforcers. Feeling odd about some Fitna (if it really is there) and agitating against it is not against the norms of an educated set up. One can agitate, register his complaint at law enforcers, go to courts and even ask law makers to ponder on. Posting unproven indecent personalized stuff on websites is too criminal, too indecent and too illiterate. Any generalized linkage between a noble man and a murderer or criminal does not mean that the noble man is Naoozbillah murderer. Same is the case here to which the empty box does not wish to pay attention. (I am recalling the DOODH KA DABBA written by a member of this forum). The sons of very noble men of Allah have done too filthy things in their lives and vise versa. Just look at the son of Hazrat Nooh A.S. and so many other such examples.

If Zaid is openly saying that he believes in Khatam-e-Nabuwwat, it’s biggest sin to keep on trying to prove him follower of Yousaf Kazzab. Allah ko jaan nahi deni tum nay bhaai. Who will save you from the curse of Allah when on judgement day Zaid’s faith will come forward and stand in front of you to inquire why did you provoke people against the truthfulness of his faith? And why did you tried to prove him a follower of Yousaf Kazzab? Tumko tumhaarey family ulema nay sab samjha diyaa yeh aqal nahi dee?

I believe there is no compulsion in faith as has clearly been mentioned in Holy Quran.


To my understanding even if some one has faith on Yousaf Kazzab (Naoozbillah) in his own private life and does not affect the muslims society, he is not to be questioned and he is free to carry on his own belief. Yet, if some one has been affected he should adopt a proper recourse for the solution.

I am still of the confirmed view that no Aalim (if he is aalim) or Mullah has any authority to call for (at his own) any explanation from the other unless such other gives it a due regard and do so at his sweet will.

As far as poor example where professional fields are compared with being a person who knows Deen is concerned, it is the most incorrect belief and erroneous comparison. Islam did not come to make out Panddits (Naoozbillah) who will take care of it and all others should rest in peace. Islam is the only practical religion that asks every one to learn the Deen, Holy Quran and Uswa-e-Hasna and practice it in real life scenario. I wonder if a selective muslim category went to fight against Kuffaar in all the historical Jehad. The most incorrect thing that we are doing is to make out a specific category called “Maulvis” who has a mushroom growth and are becoming Imaam Masjid every where and are ruining the people. No one knows how educated (even religiously) they are and on what specific agenda they are working and how good is the level of their own faith and their own practice of Deen. I need not to discuss this issue is much detail since every one knows it by heart.

Bhayya, acquisition of knowledge sab par farz hai and we are asked to acquire knowledge from birth to death. Yes, if some one has greater knowledge we should seek knowledge from him. This is the role of an Aalim and nothing else (in this specific case); and this process is intended to make every one Aalim and a practical muslim. Don’t make it something on the line of concepts existing in other religions like Church was derived in Christianity. Please keep Islam intact and for every one.

What is Aalim? Or Ulema? Who makes them or declares them as such and how they are designated? Why they feel they are “Aalims” or “Maulana”? Do any of us know the real answers to these questions? I would like to learn the Ahaadees and their references from Sahi books if some one wishes to call attention to them. I am afraid people will delete or edit their posts if I do so.

Further, one asked us to “leave such matters for Aalims and don’t try to discuss them”. So, my question is ‘ARE YOU CONSIDERING YOURSELF AS AN AALIM SO YOU ARE DISCUSSING IT”; if yes let us know and I will white wash you based upon your own posts where you have done blunders. I told you that a body builder’s son cannot be a born body builder. ….[If one doubts he should open his eyes and read the scientific findings where the tail of a pair of rats was cut and found that their descendants even then born with tails.]…… "Hamara Deen k Mamlat main ray zani kerna kam ilmi ha"...... kiya line likhi hai. It speaks well about the writer. Bhayya tum ko raaey zani kartay phir rahey ho? bataao gay zara????????????????? Empty boz....doodh ka dabba....

Notwithstanding the above, I am a worldly man and believe to have a very limited religious and worldly knowledge. Yet, I believe that if it is a civilized society then hysterical things are not afforded by it. I believe no one in personal capacity is allowed to take law in hands or make compulsory inquiries from others. Yes, if some one is affected he should adopt a civilized course of action.

I believe Ulemas have a nice role in society and they should have fullest right to play their effective role. They should disseminate the “knowledge” and not the “hatred” among others, provide solutions of the problems and point out all social evils along with best solutions based upon ILAM, for the betterment of mankind. Teaching a few Madrissa students and making them Parrots is not going to serve any purpose except what we are seeing now a days.


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03-16-2010, 09:34 PM
Post: #89
Now a days the topic of Zaid Hamid is a topic on facebook ,youtube and different forums and blogs.
I observed that majority of people supporting zaid Hamid are not his supporter in real these guys are only doing this to express “Ulema Dushmani”., These people are telling the language of Qadiani Lobby and NGO. Baseless objections are made on Blasphemy Law. These people are so called broad minded who support operations against Mosques and Madrasas. These people remain silent on the issue US terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq and all over the world but jhan Mullah aur Moulvi ka zikar aye ye Rutubul Nissan ho jate hain ulema dushmani main. This is not enmity for Mullah rather it is Islam Dushmani in real.

Yeh log Pakistan ko bhee Turkey ki trah ki secular state banana chate hain.

Some people don’t know about the struggle of Ulema of all sects against Qadianiat . This was the pressure of ulemas that the National Assembly declared Qadianies as Non-Muslim. Hundred of people lost their lives during this movement. Those have knowledge of history know very well that who gave the suggestion of “Tnage Tor Dena” to the Caliph of Jamaate-e-Ahmadia “. All ulema were unanimous at the issue of Ahmedies but some people want to mislead other and misinterpret the history.

As far as Zaid Hamid issue is concerned to us k to apne supporter bhee uska sath chore chuke but maghrib nawaz, deen se be behra aur ulema k dushman medan main reh gay hain.

Deen Main ray zani aur cheez ha aur ulema ki ray ko bayan kerna aur cheez ha but some people do not make a difference in these two different things because to satisfy their ego.

As far as personal attacks are concerned these are increasing day by day. Ab mere liay Sharayee Hujat puree ho chuki ha. Now the person (s) involve in personal attacks will be dealt strictly and in same manner but not at that thread.
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03-17-2010, 02:18 AM
Post: #90
My dear Hujjat Tamam Mashraq Nawaz fellow

A person of your mentality cannot say anything else except blaming others for broad mindedness and maghrab nawaz etc because you run short of words when something comes on facts. You and people of your mentality have lead this nation to a level where nothing but anarchy has to be faced by the people of Pakistan and by the generations to come. You and people of your mentality could not produce anything for the well-being of the nation, religion and any one except for portraying and enhancing differences and hatreds. One of the live example of this is depicted by you on this thread.

So manys like you have been making big claims and have been claiming the so-called WARAASAT of religion; but when things come on to a proof or test you guys run away from the contest. There are one hundred thousand examples of recent history where your likes have done this and badly affected the religious sentiments of those muslims who have followed your mindset. You poors have only one point in your JHOLI regarding Qaadiyanis to provoke peoples against others, continue your bluff (paagal aadmi ke bakwaas), create unrest, propagate baselessly for every second issue and defame others who believe you are "do takkay kay maulvis".

People like you never think that the destruction is caused by the ones who were quite recently your heroes and to whom you brains still support and appreciate. Just check any hysterical incident any where in Pakistan; I bet in 90 percent plus cases it would have been caused by you MASHRAQ NAWAZ pure muslim, anti-NGO bala bala mentality. Can you point out any single area where your mentality has proved constructive or has done something for the generations to come or for the well being of the people of your country or for Abaad-ullah? We have all utmost social evils in this country, social injustices, problem of education, water, food, health, uncontrollable diseases, poverty, unemployment, interest based dominating capitalist economy, protocol environment, outdated-ness, begging to others, pending tax reforms, pending land reforms, inequality of distribution of wealth, corruption so forth and so on. Why these never sound to your brains (Mullah brains) as Fitnas or something that can and is affecting us? You know why? Because all such Mullahs are empty on such issues. What they can do is to allege others as qaadiyanis or Yahoodi lobby, or maghrab nawaz or NGO supported etc. For heavens sake! Do you ever realize that the people who had ever been playing in the hands of these lobbies were ever from among you. Taaliban currently are the core example of this fact to whom still people like JI and others are supporting morally failing to condemn even a single of their destructive inhuman act. I believe it is the time that public should realize what you are and what you have always been. Aik qaadiyaaniat kay maslay ko lay kar tumhara islaam khatam ho jata hai (Naoozbillah) aur Dukh ke baat yeh hai keh aaj tak unkaa bhi kuch nahi kar sakay ho. Out of Pakistan they are still Muslims every where. This tells you how efficient you are. The pigeons who close their eyes on seeing a cat.

Zaid Hamid is never supported for any of his idea. I at the very outset said that he is an over ambitious, over excited and over emotional person and to me he does not appear to have any practical solution even on the matters for which people listen him. I believe he had been and is yet a brain like you and your likes so I had or have no intimacy with him at all.

The issue is only of defaming a man who openly accepts his faith on all ingredients of Emaan and Islam merely for the reason that he called people like you as "do takkay ka". A person who is making big points on religious issues for show off and is time and again claiming "FAKHAR" on being "aulaad" of some so-called Ulemas (Pidar-e-mann sultan bood) should think a hundred times before writing such affected mentality bluffs.

Muslims are not allowed to make such severe allegations without PERSONALLY verifying the facts of the case. Merely basing one's view on what others are saying is no verification. It's blindness and is a characteristic of "parrots".

As far as “dealing strictly” is concerned; I would only say abhi baray ho jaao; khailnay koodnay ke umar guzar jaanay do. Warna people will say ..........(left intentionally)....

Regrets are due to all readers for botherance. Non-sense has to be replied with a bit harsh words.

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