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Why Advertising Here????
05-18-2003, 09:08 AM,
Why Advertising Here????
With due apology to Mr.Asif,... why should you advertise here about at this forum??? I don't know whether is owned by you or not. If it is.... then it's the cheapest way to market your sister web site. And if it's not.... then you're probably using this forum like..@#$%^&*&^%$#&*????? I've got more then three (3) website online. One being for more than 4 years. But I never sorted for such cheap way!!...Please stop it and don't do it anymore. It's the cheap advertising trick... everybody who uses net, knows it. If you are affiliate to, you can simply run a banner on every page of it or use email address list.. that'll more honourable. I request to Admn. of the forum to stop this sort of doesn't look nice.

05-18-2003, 08:28 PM,
<b><font color=blue>Dear TheOne

This is to clarify that Mr. Asif is most certainly not a part of the accountancy team.

On the issue of putting a url in their signature, although we are of the view that the best place to put a url in one's profile is the homepage field, but still we do not consider it to be a marketing ploy and do not condone it as long as it does

a) not carry along with it a marketing statement like "Drink Pepsi to lead a healthy, fruitful life"

b) does not hurt anybodys racial, religious or sectartian feelings

c) does not contain profanities

Although we are huge supporters of freedom of speech, but at the same time, ask our members to use this freedom with a sense of rsponsibility. </font id=blue></b>

05-18-2003, 11:56 PM,
Mere Jaan!
have u gone to the site,,
does it links to the site which contains element of nuditiy?
does it links to the site which contains stuff which can effect our social values?
does it links to the site which contains any link which leads to any site which contains material which might effect our religious beliefs?
does it links to the site which contains material which can effect our national integrity?
does it links to the site which gives u offers or works as a marketing tool for any product or about any company?

mere bhai I do advertise and with due regards and apology, I WILL CONTINUE to do that. I am doing not a bad thing or introducing a evil or that sort of thing, It is purely an Islamic site, ALLAH may gives u 6 million sites no problem. but if u know something which can give us any thing from which we can derive benfit for the hereafter u should tell others. I mean that!

if u r hurt with my reply, I once again aplogize for that. U may say that I am doing a cheap thing if I am advertising here any product or introducing any actor or a bad think,


I'll b anxiously waiting for ur reply.

Muhammad Asif Masood
for islam see,
05-19-2003, 04:52 AM,
My Dear Asif,
I never meant to hurt you... (hell... I could never think of it)... again I wouldn't mention even the name of my first website... whose name alone can prove my all due respect, love and affiliation with Islamic websites, materials & all teachings... You know I started debate about Islamic Banking and standardisation of muslim terminology.... it wasn't any bluff... I truly respect all aspects of our beloved religion... but since this thing is not common here at this forum that's why it was felt odd not only by me but by so many friends... that was my only point.... and I assure you I'll be quite happy to place your link at my webpages & websites... that can prove all my talk and purpose... don't take it otherway... just what's the hell of any burden upon me if you do it??? nothing!!! but My dear! some people may think that you simply contribute to forums just to leave that web address there... that impression is not correct...
You wanna continue it???? keep on doing it... I'll also do it for you if you wish.... but Mere Piyare Bhai if I said that, it wasn't without any reason... afterall you're not doing any harm to me, or to anybody... But still, please..please.. I request that don't do it... don't take my request wrong way... I never meant to tease you or Allah-forbid, that website doesn't mean any harm to me or anobody.... Believe me, I said all that because I wanna see your website to be discussed & referred in more dignified & honourable way!!!! I, heartily apologise if I hurt you but still... "Status", "Dignity" and "Honour" of your website requires that you that please don't do it anymore... in the end... my APOLOGIES again...


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