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Companies Ordinance 1984
06-17-2010, 08:23 PM,
Companies Ordinance 1984
I recently started to study the Companies Ordinance 1984, actually i have to be appeared in coming exams regarding this topic.
I hereby appeal all of you to be advised me that how I have to start this Ordinance and what you will suggest me in this concern. This will be highly appreciated for me and as well as who like me, become part of this topic.
Muhammad Tariq
06-18-2010, 03:00 AM,
I also want to start this topic but you have not mentioned your class or module???
You are studying for module D or E?
06-20-2010, 01:38 AM,
W.A.Get the Nazir Ahmad Shaheen book or original Companies Ordinance.We also used PAC's Company Law book which classifies various sections into topics.If you are also giving Audit,start your prep from section 250 onwards i.e the Auditor sections so as to cover important parts from both subjects first.Try to do the easiest and smallest sections first to build your tempo.Company Law is quite boring but you must try to write down as many sections as you can.The Articles,Memorandum,Prospectus bits are easy.Meetings and elections and notices are interesting.Mortgages etc are also quite brief and can be easily done by writing them.You don't have to follow the sequence of the whole Ordinance but try to do topics like Accounts etc in one go.And the easy,little,apparently not very important sections are actually quite marks-gaining.Also,if you are in D,first cross out the sections that aren't part of the syllabus.Details of Prospectus contents(which are in 2nd Schedule,part of Mod E),Issue of Capital Rules etc that are included in some D's textbooks aren't part of the syllabus so don't bother with them right now.Good luck!

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