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06-24-2010, 05:19 AM
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Guys, i'm very vague seriously, really not know where i should go for ?

<b>REAL QUESTIOn </b> !
" SHould i go for MbA or other DEGREE/Courses/Qualification? "
mine choice is ENGLAND AS country for study thts final.
BUDGET upto 2 Million PKR.
Time MAX. 2 Yrs MORE FRm noW.

Recently i took all Acca paper , so waitin' for ruselts.
guys after acca jobs prospects are very thin and blurred . its only worth 15-20k .or internship 3 yrs with upto 8k .
guys i'm from rural area , primarly outside frm LAHOre
i can't live in tht pays. well
now . i'm plannin' for some kind MBA program from overseas school
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06-24-2010, 07:34 PM
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yaar yeh ajeeb hai.. what do you expect with zero experience.. should the employers pay you Rs 100,000/- a month.. be realistic kid and get some experience and prove yourself in the industry. why should a company pay you big bucks, just because you have cleared all the papers.. you are not a member yet okay.

the problem with our ACCA students is that they forget that you only become a member when you have passed all papers and have 3 years experience. just passing the papers is not good enough.. once you are a member, you will be in a good position.. ajeeb baat hai yaar

secondly, no good business school will admit you into the MBA program without experience. okay..

sorry for being rude but this is the fact.. students expect to be paid big bucks without any experience. this is foolish..

get your relevant experience and starting out at 15-20k is great.. it will not remain the same for the whole of 3 years.. if you are good enough, then you will get raises along the way..

to bhai.. plz grow up.
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