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Question: CGM = Cost of Goods Manufactured?
08-20-2010, 05:49 AM,
Question: CGM = Cost of Goods Manufactured?
I am from India. I have a very important question regarding an office accounting issue which is totally leaving me in the lurch and the confounded thing is perplexing me for a whole day.

The following is an email that my manager received from his senior and inturn forwarded to me. I am simply unable to understand it. Any help in making me understand it would be highly appreciated.

" Hi
I urgently need a piece of work done on delivered margin. I need to get GJH to sign this off tomorrow if possible?
We want to sign off some promotions but need to understand impact on delivered margin. 2 scenarios.

1. Current forcast for H2 is sales 5.9million pounds @ 28% CGM. This is will change to 7.5 million pounds in sales @ 23% CGM

2. Cutrrent forecast will change from 5.9million pounds @ 28% CGM to 9.6million pounds & 20% delivered margin for the alternative activity.

I am losing my mind over this, my job depends on the solution to this problem. Please Please Please really help. Thanks
08-20-2010, 03:38 PM,
What is ur final requirement do u want to know which alternative is feasible.
CGM represent Cost of goods manufatured?

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