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Do They Respect CA(chartered accountant) from ICAP
11-07-2010, 04:35 PM,
Do They Respect CA(chartered accountant) from ICAP
or you have to do CPA in order to meet the eligibility requirements of different accounting jobs? is true that a CPA is more respected here in states than a CA from ICAEW or ICAP or ICAI? and do they look down upon a CA? what about the remuneration of a CA? and it true that a CPA is more encouraged and mostly in all cases, he is the first priority of the employers here in states and thus they consider him for the top-post jobs?I guess CA is more skilled than a CPA, then why do i always hear from people that you got do CPA after CA from ICAEW if you intend to work in USA. At the moment, are there any CAs in USA from ICAEW,ICAP or ICAI working and earning decent money? or what i am hearing is true? i guess it will take a hell of time to do CPA after CA and in order to get more skilled, is it possible for a CA from ICAP or ICAEW to get a job in the states with nice money? hell man tell me everything you have, can't ask it all on here
11-23-2010, 04:35 PM,
Ofcourse in US CPA will be prefered due to his regional oriented knowledge and back ground. CA form UK or some where else may get job in US but can not prove his competence from very start of his job. He will have to study local laws and taxes and practices of US.

Also in Pak and UK accounting practices are almost IFRS based where in USA they have their own developed practices which vary from IFRSs. Therefore ACA UK or PAK will suffer problems in getting job in US. This is the prime reason why ACAs are to go for CPA in order to work in US.

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