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CAs & BAs
05-25-2003, 10:57 AM,
CAs & BAs
Repeated from Technology Forum... for Necessity)
Hi Haroon,
Don't let the world laugh like "HA..HA..HA..HA..." against your hehe...
Arguments fail frequently against Facts and Figures... Can't you see even here at this "HUGE" number of Forums that how many "Members" are there to talk about "all" socalled problems? ... and also, What the hell do they talk?
What do you think that how many Members of this forum (out of total 76) are really qualified CAs?... How can you judge whether am I a student, an ACA or FCA???? Suppose 20% are not qualified (that's the minimum figure)... there remain 61 Members at this given date & time. Out of balance Suppose, 20% are ICMAs or others... what remains is around 49 Members which may possibly be qualified Chartered Accountants... Now out of about 2,500 there are 49 (less than 2%)to prove their intellect & leadership capabilities upon 140 Million people!!!... Are we all nuts??? Why don't we all simply accept the fact??... Go ahead and do it yourself.... At your choice pick any Ten Chartered Accountants and compare them alike sample of ACMAs & MBAs..... "your" people'll "leave no stone unturned" to embarass you!!! this is my/your/our destinyn fate....and end.
Further, look at the "Topics" CAs discuss here??? None of them seems to have any thought of his/her own!!.. All simply doing "Tawaaf" of "guidelines" and "standards" given by Goraas. Look at the discussion about Firms!... participants seem to be most "intellectuals" of all times while stating status of their firms... but none of them had any courage, perception or vision to say that "Why's after all that affiliation so much required?"... and why the hell ICAP still allows such affiliation when it has already kept ban upon "foreign names" for so long?... Isn't it a back door of some sort to allow foreign stamping?
My dear, everybody knows that "absolute authority means absolute corruption". ICAP is the most "suspicious" authority in financial sector of Pakistan. Don't you think that despite of all known huge financial failures and frauds in pakistan none of CA firm was banned for life? Even here at this forum you can find talks about rumors about doubtful role of MYASCo in Textile sector??? Why wasn't any investigation started by ICAP? (Yes...Because they are all C**re???)
Mere Bhai, I repeat that you give me just 5 names out of all Chartered Accountants of Pakistan who're really going the "Way Forward"? and I'll solute you......


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