Processing of refund claims in seven days ordered

ISLAMABAD (October 25 2003): The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has directed all collectors of customs to process refund applications within seven days of filing of claims, says a directive issued on Friday.

In this connection, each claim should be settled within three months from the date of filing of claim.

The Central Board of Revenue has also ordered the collectorates of customs to avoid inordinate delay in the processing of refund claims causing inconvenience to the business community.

The customs authorities have also dispatched an Federal Tax Ombudsman order to regional collectors for immediate compliance.

According to details, Federal Tax Ombudsman has taken serious notice of a refund case of 1997 wherein the importer filed the claim in 1996, but the concerned Deputy Collector of Customs did not issue refund and asked the person to come with the original documents for further processing of the claims.

Federal Tax Ombudsman observed that maladministration on account of inordinate delay in initiating the processing of refund claim as well as on account of non-observance of legal procedure regarding service of notices and keeping documentary evidence/ acknowledgement of service notices was proved.

The concerned customs officer should confirm issuance of refund as promised by him within ten days.

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