ICAP announces Professional/Final Winter 2004 examination results

KARACHI, January 31, 2004: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) has announced the results of its Final/ Professional Examinations Winter 2004.

Result Summary

No. of Candidates

Complete Passed in Final Examinations 115
Complete Passed in Module E (PE-1) 241
Permanent Credits in Module – E 446
Permanent Credits in Module – F 337

Award of Gold Medals


Recipient of

Irfan Ghani (Roll No. 0102616) J. P. Patel Memorial Gold Medal
Bhimji Gold Medal
ICAP Gold Medal (Adam Patel)
NDFC Gold Medal
Sheikh Raheel Ahmed (Roll No. 0303818) Osman Ali Gold Medal
Momeet Iqbal (Roll No. 1200065) ICAP Gold Medal
Mohammad Atif Mahmood (Roll No.0307812) ICAP Gold Medal (Dewan Mushtaq Group)
S. A. Salam Memorial Gold Medal
Shahrukh Jahanzaib (Roll No. 0307036) Irtiza Hussain Gold Medal
S. A. Salam Memorial Gold Medal

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