Hubco elects 12 directors

KARACHI (September 13 2003): Hub Power Co (Hubco), the country's largest private electricity producer, has elected 12 directors for three years commencing from September 12.

The Hubco on Friday announced that the company's shareholders have expressed their complete confidence in the existing Board of Directors by re-electing the 12 directors at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on Friday in Islamabad.

The full board comprises 16 directors. Of which 12 are elected.

In addition, the company has three nominee directors and the chief executive who is also a director.

The names of the directors are:
Mohammad A Alireza, Philip Atkinson, Robin A Bramely, Philip G Cox, Najam Farooqi, Peter Giller, Taufique Habib, S Khalid Masood, Seiki Ogura, Simon Pinnel, S Nizam A Shah and M Ashraf Tumbi.

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