Poultry plants given sales tax exemption

ISLAMABAD (September 23 2003): Giving a major relief to the poultry/livestock industry, the Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has given general sales tax (GST) exemption on import/purchase of plant and machinery used in the livestock breeding, poultry farming, meat processing, preservation and packing, says a recently issued SRO.889(I)/2003.

Livestock, poultry farming, meat processing were not covered under SRO.505(I)/2003 of June 7, 2003. Now, the CBR has issued another notification to extend the GST exemption to poultry/meat sectors.

According to another SRO.886(I)/2003, the CBR has also given GST exemption on the local supplies made before July 1, 2003, of artificial kidneys, eye cornea, haemodialysis machines, haemodialyzers, A.V. fistula needles, haemodialysis fluids and powder, blood tubing tines for dialysis and reverse osmosis plants for dialysis, double lumen catheter for dialysis, catheter for renal failure patient and peritoneal dialysis solution from payment of sales tax leviable thereon.

This is subject to the condition that the supplier has not charged sales tax on such supplies or included the amount of sales tax in the price of the aforesaid items on their supplies.

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