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I'm not Proud of our 'Honest,Pure & Clean' System.
06-01-2003, 10:00 AM
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I'm not Proud of our 'Honest,Pure & Clean' System.
'Enron-turned-Enruin' was such a huge rotten rat that couldn't be brushed away under the carpet. So, among so many others, this rule was also proven wrong that "Bigger is Better".... so that's how it all started and now media can daily find a mouth watering story which makes 'face saving' more and more difficult for "Parrot-Accountants" around the world.
In Pakistan, we saw co-operative scam involving billion of rupees in Punjab. Then in Karachi investment companies swallowed away billion of rupees of public.
We saw closure of thousands of industries & businesses throughout Pakistan because despite the fact their financial models were false, loans were advanced for billions of rupees (mostly by the nationalised banks, having public money).
We saw fabricated boom at stock-exchanges in mid 90s when billion of rupees of common people were washed away.
We saw fall of biggest DFI of Pakistan (NDFC) due to bad loans for tens of billions of rupees. There was BEL also... There are numerous examples.... On the other hand we saw so many amnesty schemes announced by Govt. and SBP including the present Circular 29 which allows banks to write off billions of rupees.
What we never saw was any 'Arthur Andersen' of Pakistan... because we people are not like those AA guys. Though we like to decorate their Service Marks, Trade Names or Logos at our blank-looked faces, still we live in the land of pures... we are pure, we are honest...Perfect.
Professional institutions, firms & individuals of Pakistan should rightly be proud of their examplary integrity, honesty, purity & cleanliness. BUT... I'm sorry...I'M NOT PROUD OF OUR 'HONEST, PURE & CLEAN' SYSTEM.

Edited by - TheOne on Jun 01 2003 051152 AM
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06-10-2003, 01:16 AM
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asalaam o alaikum to all!

THE ONE, tum kya cheez ho, tum ne her ghunte main aik chawal maarnee hotee hai, tum na koi kaam ki baat kerte ho! aur na koi seedha jawab dete ho!
ooper se tum mame bane hue ho! her topic per apni Chawal se nawaazte ho!

I think u r a psychy case (a person having some Mental disorder). ho sakta hai iss main tumhara qasoor na ho! bachpun main tumhare saath kuch aisa hua ho jis ki waja se tum iss site per uss cheez ka badla le rahe ho.
I have studied almost all topics magar tum wakhree shae' he ho

Could u plz. let us live without u!!!!!!!!

Ae Munda Pakistani Ae
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