Revenue Board forms steering group to oversee reform process

ISLAMABAD (December 14 2003): The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has constituted a high powered Steering Group to oversee the key reform process, with the mandate to make reform program more practicable.

Steering Group has been constituted here on Saturday through issuance of a CBR notification.

Chairman, CBR would work as the Chairman of the Steering Group and its members include Member (Sales Tax), Member (Direct Taxes), Member (Customs), Member (Central Excise) and Member (P&TR).

Other members/officers will be invited as and when necessitated by the agenda of the meetings.

The charter of duties of the steering group include:

(i) To ensure that the reform program is progressing as per schedule and in the right direction.

(ii) To ensure that initiative having a negative impact on reform areas may not be undertaken by any unit / department in CBR unilaterally.

(iii) To agree upon the items of the Agenda for submission to the Cabinet Committee on Federal Revenues (CCFR).

(iv) To resolve issues of minor nature emanating during the reform programme.

(v) To approve reforms related expenditure. The Steering Group would meet fortnightly, or sooner, as required.

The office of Member (P&TR) will function as the monitoring and co-ordination point for the working of the Steering Group.

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