Revenue Board unable to give export data to ANF on daily basis

The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has expressed its inability to give daily details of export consignments needed by the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) to effectively check smuggling of psychotropic drugs and heroin to other countries.

Recently, CBR made commitment with the ANF high-ups to provide data on export consignments on daily basis.

Contrary to this, Customs collectors termed the idea as impracticable, saying it involves a lot of resources to transmit this information to the ANF on daily basis.

Keeping in view the recommendations of collectors, the CBR has revised its earlier decision, and now collectors would provide data of selected exporters on random basis to the ANF.

The CBR has also decided that the statement of exports provided to the ANF will also be sent to the Directorate General of Customs, Intelligence and Investigation.

The data to be provided to the ANF on random basis would include shipping bill number and date, date/time of filing, name and address of shipper/exporter, description and quantity of goods to be exported, FOB value, name and address of consignee/destination, container number, vehicle carrier, date and time of sealing of consignment and date and time of departure from out gate.

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