Revenue Board and SECP to help Afghan government evolve systems

ISLAMABAD (January 25 2004): The government of Pakistan has assured all possible help to Afghan authorities in expanding registration of taxpayers through issuance of Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) as the system of NTN is working in Pakistan successfully.

After returning from Kabul, top income tax manager Vakil Ahmed Khan told Business Recorder here on Saturday that Afghan tax authorities have issued only 700 TIN to businessmen.

TIN is similar to Pakistani National Tax Number (NTN), which needs to be issued to more Afghani businessmen for proper start of documentation of their economy.

The issuance of NTN in Pakistan is a great success and the Central Board of Revenue (CBR) will give tips to the Afghan government for similar response.

Vakil said that the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) will help Afghan officials in drafting of Company Registration Authority (CRA) for insurance and leasing sectors.

The government of Pakistan has assured help in drafting Afghan Income Tax Law for smooth expansion of tax base and automation of tax system in the neighbouring country.

However, Pakistan will not charge a single penny from the Afghan government for the job and will train Afghan officials in 'Pashto' language as a gesture of brotherhood and friendship.

In this connection, a high-level delegation comprising Afghan tax authorities will visit CBR and Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (Pral) in coming March.

Similarly, Pakistan will also help them in devising audit and accounting systems, he added.

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