National Stock Exchange to be formed to integrate all trading activities

ISLAMABAD (February 14 2004): Chairman Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE), Omer Iqbal Pasha on Friday said that they were heading towards integration and establishing one National Stock Exchange (NSE) to integrate all the trading activities in the country.

While talking to APP here on Friday, he said ISE had necessary infrastructure and facilities for its clients and its service were at par with the stock exchanges at Karachi and Lahore.

He said volume at ISE was increasing gradually with the improvement of economic conditions and owing to commendable policies of the government.

All the economic indicators were showing upward trend, exhibiting stability in the national economy, he added.

Pasha said the stock market would soon achieve the ambitious target of 5,000 point mark.

“With crossing over 4,900 mark, the market is progressing well and recording positive note every day”, he said. Pasha said ISE had also improved its position as public interest was increasing day by day and the number of brokers was increasing and they were fully active and operating.

He said that ISE has set up an information centre for the first time in the country for the guidance of its clients by providing them necessary information for carrying out trading business.

New companies will be listed at the exchange, raising the existing strength to 300 companies during the current year in a substantial manner, stated the chairman.

At Present, he said the trading volume was around Rs 10 million, which was expected to surge in a sizeable way through the implementation of these measures. T+3 system was functioning well.

ISE chairman said that his one of the top priority was to start the construction of Exchange building on BOT basis which would save Rs seven million annually adding, this amount could be utilised for the welfare of the members and clients.

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