Dispute Resolution Complex to handle only tax adjudication cases

ISLAMABAD (May 31 2004): The Dispute Resolution Complex, Karachi, will exclusively deal with all the adjudication cases of customs, sales tax and central excise for speedy processing of applications.

Sources said here on Sunday, at present, offices of adjudicating officers for indirect taxes are located at various sites in Karachi ie at Custom House, Nipa Chowrangi, Baloch Colony, etc.

A pilot dispute resolution complex will be established in the existing Collectorate of Sales Tax, Karachi (East), and all adjudicating officers dealing with customs, excise and sales tax cases will be shifted there after proper renovation of the building.

The functional specialisation of the dispute resolution machinery will be substantially enhanced as adjudicating officer shall be enabled to attend to their core function exclusively while the auxiliary function relating to the administration, security, budgeting finance shall be assigned to the other officers.

This institution will ensure effective central monitoring of adjudication set-up with better management control and evaluation.

The taxpayer, especially the tax consultants and petitioners will be facilitated to a large extent in view of availability of adjudicating officers in one premises.

The establishment of transparent and efficient dispute resolution system is the corner stone of the CBR reforms. The cost of the project is estimated at Rs 19 million.

The CBR has already appointed dispute resolution officers in each income tax region to redress the complaints filed by taxpayers.

The dispute resolution officer would be assisting the taxpayers in resolving procedural problems being faced by them.

The tax officials having vast experience/inter-personal skills would be given an opportunity to work as dispute resolution officers.

The CBR has asked other regional authorities to select dispute resolution officers in all regions, and taxpayers should be informed about such officers so that they could come forward and submit their grievances to the tax officials.

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