Blast on Sui gas line causes heavy damage

KARACHI (December 11 2002) : A suspected bomb blast early on Thursday morning ruptured the Sui Southern Gas Company's 20-inch Indus Right Bank Pipeline (IRBP), running from Sui to Shikarpur, and caused fire that heavily damaged the installations at the site.

The eventual shortfall of gas expected in Karachi during the repair period is estimated at about 100 MMCFD. This shortage will last about 24 to 36 hours.

The repair job at the site is expected to be completed in 24 hours and the gas supply through the affected pipeline will be restored shortly.

The pipeline that ruptured and caught fire at Shahiwah Canal crossing riser at a distance of about 20 miles from Sui, at about 2:20 am has been controlled and supply of gas, that was temporarily suspended, was being resumed.

SSGC has taken requisite load management measures to ensure that gas supply to Quetta region as well as the domestic and commercial customers is continued safely.

The SSGC spokesman said that crisis management system of the company was immediately activated and all concerned were alerted. Emergency response parties were rushed from Shikarpur to close the main line valves assemblies. The fire at the rupture site was safely controlled, and was totally extinguished within a few hours.

The company spokesman said, “As per initial reports, the rupture was probably caused by a bomb placed at the riser of overhead canal crossing.”

The spokesman said that pipeline bends and welding equipment has been dispatched from SSGC Khadeji construction camp under emergency measures.

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