KPMG celebrates 30th year in UAE

KPMG which started its UAE operations with a small office in Dubai in 1973 has grown in a big way during the last 30 years and has now 200 professionals operating from six offices nation-wide.

It had reported revenues of $10.72 billion last year. The UAE practice is part of the global network of KPMG, which has over 100,000 people providing multi-disciplinary professional services such as assurance, tax, business and financial advisory services in 150 countries.

Vijay Malhotra, managing partner of the UAE firm, said: “Our success in the UAE is based on our deep understanding of the country and the region. We continue to attract the best in terms of professional staff.

“Our clients appreciate the knowledge base and expertise that we deliver. In addition, the regional offices in the UAE serve as a hub for the Middle East and South Asia.”

Here for the 30-year celebrations is Mike Rake, chairman of KPMG International and senior partner in the UK.

“The UAE brings happy memories for me having lived three years in the UAE after being with the continental practice in Europe in the mid 80's,” said Rake. He added that the country continues to grow at a phenomenal pace, the economy is robust and one is simply amazed at the pace of diversification.

“We at KPMG are committed to the region and optimistic of the future,” Rake said.

Asked what impact the current situation will have on the economies of the region, he stated: “We are confident that the Middle East will continue to grow and there will be more opportunities for inter regional trading.

“Dubai has already established itself as a regional hub for major global and regional corporates and, with the Dubai International Financial Centre, it will further strengthen its position as the bridge between East and West.

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