IFAC Releases Guidance to Assist Public Sector Entities with Transition from Cash Basis to Accrual

The International Federation of Accountants' (IFAC's) Public Sector Committee (PSC) has recently released the following two documents: Study 14 (2nd Edition), “Transition to the Accrual Basis of Accounting: Guidance for Governments and Government Entities” and an Occasional Paper on “The Governmental Accounting System in Argentina.”

“Both of these documents are of relevance to governments and government entities intending to migrate to the accrual basis of accounting. The updated Study 14 provides guidance on the transition process, and the Argentinean paper provides a valuable addition to the PSC series of Occasional Papers which identify country experiences,” notes PSC Chair Philippe AdhĂ©mar.

Study 14 (2nd Edition)

The second edition of Study 14 is available in electronic form only. It includes comment on the implications of new standards and exposure drafts issued by the PSC and notes other recent developments that impact on financial reporting by public sector entities.

This edition also features live links to many resources. To find out more about the second edition of Study 14, go to and download the summary of the updated document. The full text of Study 14 (2nd Edition) can be downloaded at no charge from IFAC's online bookstore —

The Governmental Accounting System in Argentina

This new PSC Occasional Paper describes the major reforms affecting the federal government of Argentina and the Governmental Accounting System in its migration to accrual accounting. It provides background to governmental reporting in Argentina and traces the steps taken in the development and implementation of governmental financial administration in Argentina from 1993 following the government's decision to prepare its financial statements on the accrual basis.

The paper was prepared by Carmen Giachino Palladino, the Argentinean representative on the PSC. Ms Palladino, a former Accountant General of Argentina, is currently a consultant on government accounting in Latin America with the Inter-American Development Bank.

This Occasional Paper may be downloaded from the PSC section of the IFAC bookstore ( at no charge. It may be ordered in print from the IFAC Publications Department by calling +1-212-286-9344. The fee for the print version is US $25, with discounts applying to students, academics, and individuals form developing nations.

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