ICAP issues update to Advanced Taxation syllabus

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan has issued an update to its syllabus for Advanced Taxation Paper of Module F (F20). Below is the full text of that update:



The objective of this paper is to test comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the examinees on the income tax and sales tax laws prevailing in Pakistan, as are described below. The examinees shall also be expected to have command on the practical application of the laws. A general knowledge of the Central Excise Law will also be examined.

The paper covers the following laws.

– The Income Tax Ordinance, 2001
– The Income Tax Rules, 2002
– The Sales Tax Act, 1990
– The Sales Tax Ordinance, 2000 promulgated by the Provinces
– The Islamabad Capital Territory (Tax on Services) Ordinance, 2001
– The Central Excise Act, 1944
– Notifications, Rules, General orders and Circulars issued under the above mentioned laws

As candidates are required to have comprehensive knowledge of the laws described above, detailed contents are, therefore, not given hereunder. The examinees are expected to possess profound understanding of the subject over and above what they have learnt at the Intermediate stage. Topics examined at an earlier stage may or may not be directly re-examined, however, examinees would need to utilize knowledge and skills learnt at the Intermediate stage. This syllabus will be examined from Summer 2003 examination.

Knowledge of specific agreements for avoidance of double taxation will not be required. Candidates are also not expected to quote specific legal cases.

Notifications and circulars in respect of Finance Act/Ordinance, issued within a period of less than six months from the examination date will not be tested. However, the Finance Act/Ordinance would be examined from the attempt following its date of enforcement.


A comprehensive knowledge and practical applications in respect of:

– Income Tax Laws
– Sales Tax Laws

General knowledge in respect of :

– The Central Excise Act, 1944 (Chapters I & II only)

55 – 65
25 – 35

7 – 15


Note: The weightages given above are for guidance purposes only and deviation in setting of papers may be expected.

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