Pak Suzuki Motors asked to ensure timely delivery, cut in prices

KARACHI (February 09 2003) : The Federal Minister for Industries and Production, Liaquat Ali Khan Jatoi, has asked the management of Pak Suzuki Motors to cut down the prices of vehicles and ensure on-time delivery of booked vehicles to the customers.

Jatoi visited Pak Suzuki Motors Plant at Bin Qasim here on Saturday.

He made this assertion in a meeting with the Managing Director of Pak Suzuki Motors Limited, Yasuo Suzuki.

Jatoi appreciated Pak Suzuki for enhancing its production to meet the growing demand by producing 1700 cars this year as compared to 900 cars last year.

The minister was briefed about the overall production which has been enhanced by 60 percent and which is likely to increase further.

Jatoi also appreciated the company for enhancing the deletion level to 70 percent, saying this was a great step towards localisation, which would contribute in promoting the vendor industries in the country, besides creating skilled labour force.

Jatoi said Pakistan had been importing spare parts worth 700 million rupees but now the country is in a position to export the parts being produced locally.

He told the MD Pak Suzuki that in a situation when the demand was growing and also production was being enhanced, the company should share the profits with the people of Pakistan by lowering the prices.

Liaquat Jatoi pointed out that the present government is adopting business-friendly policies to attract the investors and to strengthen manufacturing base in the country.

He said, the government would provide all out support to investors to achieve the desired objectives.

In this regard, he added, the government would carryout rationalisation of tariff, besides reducing taxes and utility charges.

In this connection a committee has been set up at the Ministry of Finance, Jatoi said adding, the government would go for long-term planning and policies.

The minister said the government would provide full protection to the investors of automobile sector by all means.

Later, the minister was taken round various manufacturing sections and units of the plant. On the occasion Yasou Suzuki presented him the company's souvenir.

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