Pakistan's textile exports register 19.2 percent rise in seven months

ISLAMABAD (February 09 2003) : Pakistan textile exports have increased by 19.2 percent to $ 3.922 billion during the first seven months (July-Jan) of the current fiscal against $ 3.289 billion last year.

As per foreign trade data released by Federal Bureau of Statistics here on Saturday, all categories of textile sector showed positive growth, negating the previous trend.

The data showed that cotton cloth earned $ 732 million in the period mentioned above as compared to $ 621 million in the corresponding period last year, showing a growth of 18 percent; cotton yarn by 1.35 percent to $ 543 million from $ 535 million; knitwear 26.4 percent to $ 630 million from $ 498 million.

Bed wear showed a growth of 32.4 percent to $ 690 million from $ 521 million while towels earned $ 180 million against $ 150.4 million.

Readymade garments attracted $ 628 million as compared to $ 504 million. Other tiny items of textile sector also earned $ 1.147 billion against $ 1.062 billion of previous year.

Trade figures showed that petroleum products earned $ 125.6 million during this period against $ 111.7 million while sports goods attracted $ 166 million against $ 147 million, showing an increase of 13 percent.

However, export of other small sports items increased by 30 percent to $ 95.8 million from $ 73.8 million.

Exports of tanned leather goods declined by 5.3 percent from $ 143 million to $ 127 million whereas other leather garments also showed a negative growth of 1.6 percent.

The exports of footwear surged by 53 percent to $ 44.7 million from $ 29.2 million. However, surgical and medical instruments indicated a minor decline.

Primary commodities, which include rice, raw cotton, fish, fruits, vegetables, tobacco, wheat, spices, oil seeds, nuts and kernals showed a growth of 24.6 percent after a long time.

These items earned $ 578 million against $ 464 million of last year.

IMPORTS: The country spent $ 1.574 billion on import of machinery against $ 1.104 billion in the corresponding period last year, showing an increase of 42 percent.

The import of power generation machinery surged by 82 percent to $163 million as compared to $ 89.6 million last year.

However, investors spent $ 288 million on textile machinery to upgrade their industry as compared to $ 260.3 million of last year.

The import of construction machinery, which always showed positive growth during the previous months, declined by 10.6 percent, while agriculturists imported machinery worth $ 20 million against $ 6.6 million last year.

Pakistan's spending on the import of food items also increased by 22.4 percent to $ 564.3 million as compared to $ 460.9 million in the same period of last year.

In this group, tea, soyabean and oil took away $ 96.8 million and $ 113 million respectively.

According to the figures, fertiliser, insecticides, plastic material, medical products and other related items took away $ 1.237 billion against $ 1.106 billion previous year, showing 11.9 percent increase.

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