USDA official briefed about investment chances at Port Qasim

KARACHI (February 20 2003) : The US Trade Development Agency (USDA) is studying investment potential at Port Qasim (PQ) to advise American investors to invest in various projects.

An official of the agency Joseph Pirazzi visited Port Qasim on Wednesday and discussed with Chairman PQA Vice Admiral T.M Khatak prospects of investment in the Port.

The Chairman assured the US investors of maximum facilitation and concessions for setting up projects at the Port.

The USDA official also met Rear Admiral Asad Qureshi, Director General Operations who briefed him on investment opportunities available in various sectors in the Port.

Joseph would submit a report to the USDA about his findings. The report would be passed on to the interested investors.

The USDA official was informed that the Port which will import about 20 million tonnes of coal for cement plants urgently need a modern coal terminal to preserve the environment.

Wheat exports from Port Qasim has considerably increased in recent months and there are prospects for setting wheat silos or a multipurpose grain terminal.

There are also bright prospects of export of surplus sugar, cement and clinker from Pakistan.

Port Qasim is the main port for Import and export of commodities. Separate terminals would be required to handle these products.

There is an urgent need to create repair and maintenance facilities for a large fleet of crafts operated by Port Qasim as well as the large number of ships calling at the Port.

Investors would be welcomed to set up a marine workshop or dockyard because there is already rush of ship repair work at the Karachi Shipyard.

The PQA offers excellent facilities for setting up industries in its industrial estate sprawling over 12000 acres of land.

The industrial estate is equipped with all the necessary infra structure required for industrial production.

Last but not the least there are many scenic islands around the Port which could be developed as tourists resorts. The PQA would welcome investors to set up facilities to attract tourists.

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