Revenue Board yet to decide cases of misdeclaration

KARACHI (April 16 2003) : The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has not yet taken any decision on the cases of misdeclaration up to Rs 10,000.

The Karachi Customs Agents Group (KCAG) at a meeting raised the issue with the CBR member (Export), held here recently, according to the minutes of the meeting available here.

The KCAG had demanded that the cases of misdeclaration up to Rs 10,000 could not be initiated, but the same was deferred.

On the question that the gold/silver exporters could be exempted from the Drug Enforcement Cell (DEC) as well as the processing/examination of these consignments on random basis, it was agreed that the CBR would allow 24 exporters, suggested by the export collectorate, to be brought under the computerised exemption of examination and the Drug Enforcement Cell (DEC).

In case of successful implementation, this list may be increased.

On the question that the processing of non-rebate consignment should be on random basis it was agreed that at the Air Freight Unit (AFU), the processing of non-rebatable items would be dispensed with and the work of processing of such items should also be done by the examination staff at the time of presentation of documents for examination.

Regarding the issue that the examination should be done in three shifts as desired by the CBR to facilitate the export round the clock, the meeting was informed that the examination at the ports and airport was already done round the clock.

However, processing of documents was done by the PRAL up to 5.00 pm, the meeting was told.

The member, CBR (Exports), informed the meeting that for submission of documents for the processing purposes, the present timings were adequate and did not warrant any extension.

It was also pointed out that the standing order could be reviewed and limit of five percent weight could be enhanced up to 10 percent as per the past practice.

It was agreed that in case of export goods where the rate of duty drawback was on weight basis, cases of less weight up to 10 percent would not be referred for adjudication and instead amendment to the documents would be allowed so that the exporters did not get undue duty drawback.

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